• You don' can treat the symptoms but the cold will leave when it is ready...
  • Drink as much water, juice, broth, tea, and Gatorade as you can possibly handle. If you do it right, you should be going to the bathroom like, every 10 minutes. Also, get enough sleep, and you can also try taking some Zicam, or Airborne.
  • Recognize the first symptom of your cold. Mine is post-nasal soreness. If you experience that symptom, zap it with Zicam right away. That's what I do and the last two times the symptom went away in about 4-8 hours, and it never even fully developed into a cold. I haven't really had a cold in over 5 years.
  • The only thing that gets rid of a cold is your immune system. You can help it along by doing something to frequently alter your body's temperature. Going back and forth from a steam bath to a cold pool, or even just standing in a shower and adjusting the water back & forth from as hot as you can stand it to as cold as you can stand it will stun the many germs and viruses that enter us with every breath and every swallow. When a cold virus enters the human body, it wants a nice constant temperature so it can adjust then multiply ... if the body keeps changing temperature, the virus will have difficulty reproducing yet the immune system will not be adversely affected and will be able to wipe out the virus faster and easier. There is even a martial arts exercise, referred to as "Dragon Fire in Ice Storm" that alternately induces a high fever and a near hypothermic chill, so a warrior can be healthy and fit to fight. Anything else you can do to keep your immune system in peak condition will also help ...
  • I take Chinese herbal formulas at the first onset of a cold and it is usually gone in a day or two. If I move on to having a cold, I swit6ch to a different tablet and I can get over it by the 4th day.
  • A bit of preparation helps: (1) Take 1.5 grams of Vitamin C every day (e.g. three 500 mg tablets with breakfast) (2) Wash your hands A.S.A.P. after touching anything that a stranger might have touched recently (i.e. today). If you feel the beginnings of a cold coming on (e.g. a bit of a sore throat) then triple your Vitamin C intake by taking another 1.5 grams with lunch and again with dinner every day until you feel better.
  • hello, by getting ,a lot of rest,avoid crowds,taking your meds ,eating foods that are easy to digest,like soups ( moms chicken soup)! drinking tea,using steam inhalations this helps clear congestion.and get well asap!
  • ColdEz, you can buy it at most supermarkets. It works and cuts colds and symptoms in half.
  • i have heard abreva works good for cold sores...
  • I use Tea Tree oil..I buy it at a drugstore and I apply it with a Q-tip. I don't let it drip down onto the surrounding skin cause it can cause irratiation.....but it does dry the cold sore faster than anything I have ever tried and I've tried them all....good luck and hope that your boo-bbo goes away.....
  • I use a product called Compeed it is little round clear plasters that go over the cold sore they are impegnated with zaclovar and also help hide the cold sore and mine are usually gone in 3 days if i put one on at the zzz tingle. i don't use anything else now i found the site for you to have a look at
  • Drink orange and eat soup
  • Drink plenty of warm fluids, use a cool-mist humidifier and get plenty of sleep.
  • Decapitate yourself. Cold goes away almost immediately.
  • Vicks up before bed, and I'll even run an old-style baby steamer to make myself sweat.
  • First, quit believing in colds or sickness. Second tell the cold to leave your body. Take control of it. Don't necessarily pray for healing, you were healed 2000 years ago. Third go to and get Andrew Wommack's book on healing.
  • Drink lots of fluids and rest.
  • Don't get sick in the first place.

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