• how about rhyming it with Nation.
  • Is a sunny day when i arrived. My mind is excited and miserable. Mindful that my blood is still running. Is this a dream? Grand dream it is indeed. Rolling up and down in my ocean of mind. At the sunshine you shall see. That dream come true can be that easy. I stare at the blank space Oh, how much more can Iwish? Never mind to that dream.
  • I was contemplating immigration To a new and wonderful nation I arrived in Seattle But had to do battle With a case of extreme constipation. (There's more where that came from.)
  • An acrostic rarely uses rhymes unless you're a proficient writer. Immigrant. I arrived in another land, My eyes lit up it was grand, Many cultures,many stores, I can feel peace,not mindless war. continue.
  • Based on a story my mother told me. My great , great grandmother of Lithuania wept by the sweatshop where she did slave. A gentle handsome gentleman saw how miserably she behave. The man took pity on her and paid for her immigration to the US Once she immigrated she gave him the boot I must confess. As far as I know true story.
  • Try comparing it to a stream - rough, calm, fast, etccc

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