• that's a really interesting question i guess it's the same thing about race jokes- only a person of that race can 'get away' with it...
  • Well, I don't think it's O.K. for either type of people to crack jokes about the other. Skinny people should not crack jokes about fat people and fat people should not crack jokes about fat people. I believe it's ok to crack jokes about yourself, but there is too much drama any other way.
  • If one shall wish to disrespect & make fun of themselves so be it. If someone heavy/overweight/obese/fat etc. is comfortable with the way they are they will crack fat jokes on the other hand someone uncomfortable with there weight will not even go there.
  • It's the exact double-standard that lets minorities get away with their racism. I hate it, and I won't let anyone tell one around me.
  • its kind of the 'you can only make fun of your own ethnicity' rule
  • Its never acceptable to make jokes that disparage other people. If you want respect, start with self-respect.
  • noone should joke about that

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