• my guess is he doesnt love you. he might be too young to understand goofing around. his models might be his parents, who dont goof around anymore.
  • Put your juice box in his face! Works everytime.
  • Have you seen him flirt with other girls in the past? If not, maybe that just isnt his personality? Some guys arent flirty for whatever reason. I've run into some that are that way and sometimes they are just shy and you have to break them out of their "shell". And sometimes they just have no personality and there's nothing you can do. You have to be the judge.
  • Seems like he's tense about something. Try taking the edge off, play around with him and don't look for flaws in how he acts. Many guys don't act how their women would like just because their nervous about seeming "too needy/clingly/bossy/macho/whatever"
  • it sounds like your in that awk. phase. Just be legit and talk to him, maybe he is having a personal problem that is pre-occupying him. dont push him but let him know youve noticed the difference and try to be the one that initiates the goofyness.
  • You should stop wanting more from him than he can give. You chose to be with him, did you not? Your happiness is your responsibility. Not his. If you really have such a problem with the way he is treating you, talk to him about it, but don't be surprised if you hurt his feelings. He is most likely doing the best he can. Why would you want to discourage him from showing you affection if affection is what you want?
  • i would just talk to him about it, chances are it's not you. maybe initiate some flirtation?
  • initiate the foolishness first... just be yourself and he should latch on eventually
  • See if he is ticklish.

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