• I have defended myself in court about 24 times. I am 10 for 24. I have been clearly guilty each and every time.
  • I was a defendant in small claims court. I rear ended someone. Everyone told me to settle because "you're always at fault if you rear end someone". I never saw the person's brake lights and I got the plaintiff to admit in court that she had put her car in "park" and did not have her foot on the brake. The judge ruled in my favor.
  • I always take speeding tickets to court and I've never lost. A good thing to remember when getting a ticket is: be cool. Don't lose your temper and don't say anything unnecessary. If you lose your temper then the officer will be sure to remember you when he sees you in court.
  • Ive been there as a power of attorney to defend myself once & won.
  • I've been the defendant in a lawsuit by an angry woman. I won the case and got acquitted. And I didn't even need any lawyer
  • I've been a juror several times.
  • Over 30 years ago I was a defendant. Background. I was hired as an illustrator for a sci fi novel. I was sued because the writer wasn't satisfied with my illustrations. Truth is he kept changing what he wanted. I told the judge. Judge sided with me. About ten years later the writer and i met in a cab.We let bygones be bygones. 8 years later we married.. Marriage listed 20 years until despite great med care , passed from an acute leukemia.
  • Yes. It went.

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