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  • If it was emotional, it may take a long time. Emotions take a long time to straighten out, and sometimes never become the way you feel good with again.
  • hiya just been reading your add wel firstly does your husband know about the Emotional affaire u had , i have just left college last yr and me and one of my teachers got really emotionaly envolved with each other and she was married and had to kids , and every day we wanted to be near each other wen i wasent in her lessons , it first started 2 years ago in 2006 and i was 20 and she was 32 and in my last yr of college from sep 2007 til may 2008 we were to close and were trying to kiss each other but cudent and since i left a yr ago now its all come out in the open and her husband found out and kicked her out and her marrige is over and family is over and shes been in loads of trobule and the police were involved as well so i know what its like to get over something like this because now we carnt see each other its hard each day but it does get better but i often think if i had kept quiet and didnt make her admit everything maybee we would of been able to see each other by vists to my old college ect but its gone the other way now , but its been hard for me and i have got my life back on track but i triyed to through al my college freinds away with them seeing her every day stil and nt me so i supose it affects people diffrent hope this helps anyway
  • See the long term big picture. There can't really be a future with you and a 26 yr old "kid." He's certainly not going to build his life with you, sorry to tell you. So, you need to decide that you must rebuild your life with your husband or prepare to lose everybody, including your kids' respect. It's not worth it. Slap yourself if you have to.

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