• They are playing chicken:-)
  • This happens to me everyday. I was wondering if it happens to anyone else. Everyday, around four of five times a day. It seems I can't drive anywhere and birds of all types, crow, bluejay, seagull, sparrow, you name it. I can't find and answer either but if anything good or bad happens to us in the next while, lets tell each other. Anywho, it may just mean their finding less places to live and becoming more populated.
  • I agree that rural areas in the countryside are becoming more populated with people, or perhaps there are even a few bird species that are multiplying, and birds are nesting closer to, or in town. Then, they must be employing the same tactics they would in the wild, of flying excitedly around any approaching possible danger to their eggs or newly hatched chicks, to draw attention away from the nests.
  • Nothing.

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