• There are no more single mothers today, compared to the population, then there were 200 years ago. We just have statistics and media to tell us what the numbers are.
  • The children were fathered,but the mommies weren't. Single mothers has given birth to a loveless society and a day care industry. the results are probably what we are seeing at virginia tech and columbine today.
  • If this is so, then the effect has already begun. I actually think we are seeing the effect in the feminization of Western society, which is not necessarily a bad thing. For instance, women who have to do everything for themselves discover that they CAN do everything for themselves. I graduated from law school in 1991. That was the first year that male to female ratio of law students was at 50/ 50%. Evidence of my hypothesis: the openly metrosexual. (Half-joking.)
  • hopefully it will teach these kids and others to give single mothers more respect, its not an easy job with two parents I cant imagine doing it alone.
  • No child is father-less. We all have a Heavenly Father who is on call 24/7! My father left when I was two. I think I'm stronger for it

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