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  • When you are with someone, that shows other girls that you may have something about you that makes you worthwhile.
  • from a girls ponit of view with guys it always seems to happen like that with me. it really does my head in.
  • Been there! This is sooooooo true. (Um with boys for me.) My thought is this: that when you HAVE somebody, you are radiating joy, happiness, self-satisfaction, just peace. You should try to find these things by yourself so that you always have an overriding sense of self-confidence! And then the girls will ALWAYS be flocking around.
  • Isn't it? It is because of the one thing that women have in abundance. Jealousy. They only want what the other girl has. If no one wants it, neither do they.
  • dont that just piss you off! its true though,
  • Well, there's this one time I went out with this boy, and didn't know other girls liked him, but apparently they liked him before I did. So, maybe those girls liked you all along. Who knows? I tend to prefer single guys who haven't had girlfriends before or guys who haven't had many girlfriends before.
  • I don't find it strange at all, it makes perfect sense. Girls (especially the pretty ones) get hit on on a regular basis, and tend to naturally have a kind of a radar for effectively perceiving whatever is going on with people. This happens through interpretation of body language and voice tone. So, obviously, if women suddenly become more interested when you're taken, it means that you're sending out something that you aren't aware of. It's mostly your body language. Think about it, when you have a significant other, a big part of your life is working out nicely, and it reflects on your actions and your self-esteem and -confidence. You don't even notice it, but you've got better posture, you probably don't seem as tense as usual... And most importantly, you don't send needy signals. When a guy looks at a hot woman, the words in his head are usually along the lines of "oh god, she's hot" and "I just wish I could have a piece of that", and how do you think that is transmitted by their looks or their body language? I'm guessing that it's not very inviting. But the thing is, when you're taken, you don't look at other women like that, and they start wondering what it is that makes you special - i.e. they wonder what is so special about you to have made your girlfriend want you and no one else. So, not too strange after all, is it? Ever thought about trying to send these kinds of signals consciously? It's a powerful thing, trust me.
  • Maybe your actions start paying off and you are so desperate you pick the first one that comes along. Happened to me, cept I was a friggin idiot and once the rest started liking me I left the first...baaaad mistake I think about her ever so often still, over 2 years ago it was.
  • Excellent question. Often wondered that myself.
  • Known as "feast or famine"... seems to apply to a lot of things in life, unfortunately.
  • Good question. I observed this myself when I was with my ex. I think it's because I gained a lot of confidense when I was with her, because she considered me attractive and worth being with. So getting eye contact with girls I passed by was much easier for me than usually
  • You're probably more confident, and thats attractive.
  • It has to do with your confidence level. Girls like a man that looks confident. It's a big turn on to them. More often than not, people mistake this phenomena for girls wanting to take what another girl has. In some cases this is true, BUT, in most cases, because you have a girlfriend, your self esteem rises, and THAT is what the big turn on for other girls is.
  • Its because when you are in a loving relationship you emit warm vibes that others pick up subconsciously.

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