• I read, worked outside with animals or gardening. We had a ranch and it took lots of work. But I'd say that reading, including a lot of researching and study, was my computer time in the past.
  • I sat before the computer all day playing games. I used internet only to find cheats and codes for those games.!!!!
  • Played outside and studied and built rickety ramps to jump over with our bikes. Lots of things that resulted in bruises and scrapes.
  • I went outside and had a life.
  • I read more, watched TV, spent more time outdoors, went out more with friends. Yes, it's a little sad. Good Q.
  • I played with my friends, dolls, board games, built "forts", rode bikes, played in the hose, things like that. Even if I didn't have a computer now, I wouldn't do that stuff anymore, except maybe play with my friends.
  • i used to go out side all the time. but now i work all day and only get on the computer when i get home at 4 am
  • We played outside until it got dark. Rode bikes, skated, took walks into town to go to the movies, bowling etc.
  • Still played computer games. Had to use cassettes to load these games, but I still played them. Also had OLD NES system.
  • I played Atari !!!
  • I actually went outside into the fresh air and interacted with other people. I even used my own imagination...gasp!
  • What was that place called I used to go? Ah yes outside I used to go outside and play games with real live people face to face. That was before the news told me that everything outside wants to kill me.
  • I played outside with friends Played cards Watched TV And read
  • Read books. Rode bikes. Built forts. Watched clouds. Went swimming. Had conversations with family and friends. Flew kites. Trained my dog. Raised rabbits and chickens. Helped around the house. Chores. So much! And it was fun.
  • Ran down to the stables as soon as it was light, communicated with horses, other children, dogs, cats and a few rats! Got dirty and built up our immune a little sunburnt, but got our vitamin D rations....laughed and laughed, cried, got hurt, probably hurt others a little sometimes.....lived life!
  • Destroyed neighborhood ditches to make bike ramps and rode all day until my parents yelled at us to come inside. Woke up the next day and did the same.
  • I actually interacted with real live people and there is this great place called "outdoors"
  • We rode our bikes, played on the school playground, went to the library, read books, went to movies, went once a week with our allowance to the Dairy Queen, went to museums, helped the neighbors shovel snow, rake leaves, and pull weeds, walked the three or four blocks to Aunt & Uncles houses, put on neighborhood fairs and plays, played board games, went to art classes at the park, and stayed all day.
  • Baseball,hockey,fishing,football,broomball,bikeriding,hookey
  • i played outside, i did target practice, i had fun....

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