• Definately!!! I had a wisdom tooth that broke in half. It didn't cause any problems at first so I left it. Two years later, I woke one morning with a mother of a headache. My jaw muscules on the side where the tooth was started to cramp to the point where I couldn't chew. I got it pulled, but the dentist wants to take the other one as well. I can't because I'm not cover for regular dental not even check ups.
  • Definitely. Get it out before you get an abcess , take it from me you don't want one of those muthas. I had once and the dentist had to inject it to pull the tooth and I'm not afraid to admit I was in tears and nearly passed out.
  • This question was already answered, but I do just want to add one simple thought. Pain is the type of sensation that it radiates out from the source. Before long, some random source of acute pain could cause many other pain symptoms. So, take some advils and take care of this ASAP.

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