• Oh, brother. Mammals don't store sperm like some other animals will. Obviously, this litter will not be full pitbull, However, if you mate her with another full pitbull next time the puppies that result will be.
  • Whoever told you this is pretty stupid. Seriously, if this were true, paternity tests would never work because the girl would have two men's dna in her. She didn't *absorb* sperm.
  • spay your dog-neuter yourself
  • What's up with that? The person who told you that does not understand basic reproduction processes. It's a common myth that has no basis in biology. If you have any questions about your pets, always consult a vet - they went to school in order to know the right answers. You do have a vet for your dog, don't you?
  • This is a myth that has somehow managed to spread around for years.. it is not true. I was told the same thing when I was little, but it just isn't true. You could have actually bred your female to a Pure bred pit bull and had the boxer/pit mix get to her and you would end up with what breeders call a "dual sired" litter, where some of the pups in the litter have one dad and the rest have a different dad. If this had happened to your litter, any of the pups that were off of the pure bred would still be able to be registered.. You would just have to provide DNA proof. There is no truth in this old wives tale, but do take into consideration that she is having a litter of pups even if it isn't what you planned on and breeding her on her next heat to a male that YOU choose is not good for her health, this current litter is still going to put a major strain on her body.. you are going to have to wait out at least her next heat. Sucks that you are going to have to wait another year over a litter of muts, but that is the reality and please be EXTREMELY careful with her during her future heats... males can smell a female in heat for MILES and they will do anything to get to her!
  • I think you have had your leg pulled, hard! Sperm doesn't enter and become a part of the DNA of the breeding female. Thank gawd or all females would be a little bit of every guy they ever had sex with. Scary damn thought, right there.
  • That is just stupid for anyone to even tell you that! On the other hand i have a pitbull boxer mix [ they are becoming very popular}and she is probably the best and smartest dog we have ever had. She is very friendly and has been very trainable. So dont get too upset about the puppies being mixed because you will love these dogs.
  • *laughs* Whoever told you that needs to go read a book on dog breeding. The bitch doesn't absorb any DNA, she'd become a different dog. The litter may not be of any use to breeders, but she'll be fine. XD *rofl*
  • Its an old wives tale that is at least 100+ years old and probably had its roots in racism. It dates back to before we had any knowledge of DNA, probably back to before we had much clue about sperm and egg.
  • My parents told me this also. Doesn't mean they're stupid. Don't think you can sell them for hundreds of dollars either. They aren't purebred and aren't worth that much. When I was little my dog was bred numerous times, accidentally (why she was never spayed is beyond me), by our rott. The pups were total mutts so we gave them away. This type of breeding dogs is ruining the name of purebreds today. No offense toward you. I would wait til she had another heat to breed her also. Pits are my life and when other people purposely breed them to other breeds to get a different look makes me want to freak out. Not saying you do this.

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