• Sure they can, who is everybody else to judge?
  • No, even if they are only half brother and sister, they still share the same bloodline :)
  • No, its incest. They share one of the same parents - SAME BLOODLINE!!
  • NO! Surely, if they're biologically related, it's classed as incest?! (Have you not been watching Hollyoaks...???)
  • No and I am sure his family will be very judgmental. Especially his sister!! I know this family well, and you don't want to go there. Its not worth it Sonia! Just leave him be!
  • Only in RedNeck-ville. Ewe. How could anyone be sexually atrracted to a sibling?
  • Its a shame if they were separated very young and have met up in later life and fallen in love I have seen many documentaries on it and it is truly heartbreaking. I feel sorry for them. But for the sake of the children that they would create I would have to say no, because the DNA is too close and could potentially cause the children to have down syndrome and many other problems.
  • half of the time yes.
  • "Allowed" - a key phrase here. I don't hold much with what a law says is wrong, and I don't go for the immoral thing either. What if the people involved were never part of an integrated family, met, fell in love, but didn't know they were related until much later? Literature is full of tales like that. However, children are another matter. The risks of reinforcing less then favorable biological traits is too high to chance offspring. If someone wants to get married bad enough they will find a way to accomplish that. Just because you CAN, doesn't mean you should.
  • Only half way.
  • Never..
  • There are about 6.7 billion people in the world, and roughly half of them are of the opposite sex. So, unless you're stranded on a desert island, it's not as if you don't have choices. I'd suggest looking a bit farther afield.
  • In response to "Only in RedNeck-ville. Ewe. How could anyone be sexually atrracted to a sibling?" 1 - What if you met your half- sister only in your later years? The reason we aren't physically attracted to our siblings is because we grow up with them. 2 - There's people that get married only to later find out they're related... 3 - you dont choose who you fall for
  • No incest is morally wrong and if they had kids it would be sharing way too much dna, which can cause birth defects = the reason it is not meant to be.
  • Only in West Virginia
  • no because one of your kids grandparents is gonna be the same on the dad's side and the mom's side, that's just weird...
  • Are you kidding with this question?
  • No. In most states that I know of, the legally can not either. Even stepbrothers/sisters shouldn't consider marriage. Emotionally the are(hopefully anyway) the same as blood siblings. Biologically there is not a problem but pshchologically, this would be screwed up from the start.
  • Nope.It'd take a toll on their future generations.
  • My first instinct is no. But at the same time, I think that consenting adults should be allowed to get married. To take this a step further, I think the day gay marriage is legal, then all types of non traditional marriages; such as brother sister marriage, cousin marriage, polygamy marriages, etc. should all be legal...

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