• Sure, it will affect them, but depending on your behaviour it can be negative or maybe even positive. My parents are divorced and although it was difficult at the time (I was about 11 or 12) I really think it was better for me and my older brother in the long run. I think the best way to tell them is to all sit together, you, your wife and all the kids, at home so if they get upset they feel more secure, and just tell them. Make sure they know that you and your wife will still respect each other and that you will both still love all the kids. It won't be easy but you can make it better by staying calm and staying on good terms with your wife. Make sure neither of you ever say anything bad about the other to the kids either. Good luck.
  • Well, once again the children are the pawns to feel the pain of two parents that cannot work out their problems. the children suffer. most likely, if there has been domestic violence in you marriage, the children will begin to show signs of stress at age 13, the age of puberty. look for it. Your children are not going to understand. they will think this divorce, is their fault and yes their emotions will be forever scarred. you can plan on it. We are about to have four more children that are going to grow up, thinking a divorce is okay, parents did it. they will follow in your footsteps. I am not so coy as to believe that if their is infidelity or drugs involved, by either parent, that a divorce is your only answer. if you have not attempted to resolve your problems, at least give it a try. Remember, your pending divorce is not only effecting you and your spouse, there are four other little ones that are going to need both of you to try to understand why what is happening is happening. Your children come first........period.
  • It will affect them . But just reassure them as adults . You know what is best for you all as a family . Let them know that you and your ex will be there for them no matter what . Don't ever split your children up . My ex is trying to do that as we speak . And it is tearing my children's hearts righ out of their chests . Be civil . Try to do what is best for your children . In EVERY decision , think WOULD THIS BENEFIT MY CHILDREN ?
  • well being newly divorced my self the kids r alwasy in the middle no matter what age our kids were older but it still affected them i was a jerk but have learned the hard way better to be honest with your children if they r old enuf to understand than to try and hide things and they find out they will resent u for that later beleieve me hope this helps in some way
  • I remember wishing that my parents would get a divorce because the vibe they gave off as a couple was so unhealthy.
  • Yes it will have an effect on them. But so would staying and living with someone you can't get along with. Emphasize that they will have TWO homes that they will always be welcome at, and they will still have TWO parents. Try to remain civil with your ex.
  • Yes it is, a affects a lot more then what you are thinking. I seen about some people's divorce life and their children life. I feel so sorry about that innocent kids.

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