• No. Absolutely not. They'll make horrible parents, give their children the wrong ideas, and raise them to be Devil-worshippers and adulterers.
  • i hope so. i'm straight and raising two of my own. as long as they are loved its all good.
  • I am assuming you meant to say a gay couple. I think it is perfectly ok for anyone to adopt and raise a child as long as they have the best interest of the child at heart. If it weren't for adoptions I wouldn't have my three children. I am straight, but what happens in the bedroom shouldn't keep people from being able to adopt just like me. There are lots of reasons people can't have children and that is just one. I have nothing against homosexuals as long as they are not flagrant with making everyone witness their actions. I do not flagrantly kiss or fondle my husband in public and I do not want to see other couples do it straight or gay. That said, what does any of that have to do with raising a well adjusted child. If they are loved and reasonably disciplines, their basic needs taken care of and all of that, I don't care if a babboon does it as long as their intentions are good and they do a half way decent job (unlike the birth parents of so many children).
  • mmm yeah dont straight people have kids? Isnt that how it works?
  • HELL no. We wouldn't want the little dirtbags to grow up liking the opposite sex. They'd be humiliated by thier friends and beaten on the street. I'm TOTALLY against it. There should be a law passed banning it.
  • NO, As we van see from their history, it would be a bad idea to continue to allow them to mess up these childrens lives.
  • Obviously not, because whatever the sex of the child, one of the parents will be attracted to that sex and might abuse it. Adoption should only be allowed by gay couples who can adopt children of the opposite sex, because they won't be tempted.
  • do the world a favor and adopt..
  • Of course! There's so many children out there without parents, I think it's a blessing to have people in the world that are wanting to adopt these children! I find them wonderful. They give these children a shot at being somebody just as wonderful, someday.
  • It depends.
  • Ha! I am suprised Freddy didn't beat you to this one AR!
  • Sure. Because if you parent correctly the Adults sex life shouldn't factor in at all! To prove this point, just try to mention a parent's sex life to their offspring...and have the barf bags handy!
  • Yeah, why not?
  • Yes, because some people cannot or don't want to have kids naturally and it's their choice whether to do invitro or adopt. There are many wonderful, straight, adoptive families out there.
  • Of course, a husband and wife raising a child is in the natural order of things.
  • The question about flamboyant straights was cute. This one is ridiculous.
  • If you want to be a parent and raise a child in a loving environment then...hell yeah!
  • No. Being straight doesn't seem to be cool anymore.
  • Only if the child they adopt is gay, so that they can show them the error of their ways and show them how messed up even straight couples can be, what with spousal cheating, hormonal differences ending in wars, and male/female differences clashing daily. If the gay child witnesses how messed up straight people can be, they will grow up to learn that there are many more evil things in this life than being gay, and will be well adjusted and comfortable with their own lifestyle. *hehe, didn't see that one coming, did you?
  • Why wouldnt it be OK? I dont understand why u r asking the question...
  • I think I see the point you are trying to make with this question, but with all due respect, it's not very effective. I think that any couple, straight, gay, whatever, should be allowed to raise children as long as they are capable of taking care of them.
  • if they do,the kid better get twice the stuff other kids get,for the trauma,hell,i would ask for me,and not to be spoken to nor looked at...
  • There wouldn't be many people on the planet if it weren't.
  • +4 for such a humorous (albeit un-PC) query. Bound to offend some liberal somehow, though.
  • that doesen't make sense if we didn't have staight parent's they alot people wouldn't be born
  • i think adoptin in anysense is a wonderful thing givin a child a home n guaridians who will love em

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