• Not here in the US right now, I don't.
  • I know for fact that the US Government has lied to me.
  • I do not point blank accept what any government says!
  • Not anymore.
  • Yes...and tonight before I go to bed I'll pull a tooth to put under the pillow to get some extra cash.
  • I believe nothing the government says.
  • Why would a politician ever have a reason to lie?
  • I am sure some of it is true but it so well wrapped in all the lies it's hard to tell which bits to believe.
  • Why in the world would I believe the government about anything?
  • No. You should never except anything the government says at face value. They have a long history of "distorting" and manipulating the truth. I think they invented the phrase "what they don't know won't hurt them"
  • since most likely they are always spying on us I will go for a yes.
  • No, just like information from any other source, I weigh it in terms of what seems probable.
  • No way. Do you really believe what you see on the tv is what is really happening in Iraq and Afghanistan? American soldiers giving out candies to the kids etc. H Clinton arrived in Bosnia under sniper fire. Hilarious. She then blames it on sleep depravation. She probably sleeps 10 hours a night in satin sheets and has been since Christ left Moose Jaw. You could write a book on the lies the gov't is telling you. You are very gullible if you believe anything they say.
  • Well, it's more like I believe the government spin doctors start out with truth, but shape and form the information so that people read the doctored, distorted, versions and come away with the impression that's in the Administration's best interests. That's what I believe.
  • Well of course it depends on who is speak and what they're saying. The "government" is an abstraction, there's no such entity. Which agency? Which person within the agency? Are they speaking for their agency or for themselves? What is the context for their statement? Anyone who just blindly accepts anything that comes out of the mouth of a civil servant is obviously ignorant. On the other hand, there is no entity called "the government" with a monolithic and coherent viewpoint. It's a bunch of different people working in different roles, a bunch of committees and agencies and elected officials and judges and.... well, you get the idea.
  • nope, lol they lie constantly
  • (Gales of laughter). Governments lie. ALL governments lie. They lie to the electorate, they lie to any and all regulatory bodies they may need to report or answer to. They even lie to themselves - and (worryingly) they often believe it. Democracy is a corrupt system, but unfortunately as Churchill said........
  • There's only a partial truth in their talk, but it's still a big scam..
  • Heck yeah! Why would they lie to us?
  • well the government are just pimps they say shit to you but dont explain it its like when pimps say to the whores 'go suck some dick we're gunna take all of stone mountain' n the whore is like 'i dont know how but am gunna do what am supposed to do'
  • We have been miserably lied to for ages, so no I don't trust or believe in them.

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