• Yes. I know in my state (KY) the rule for impeding traffic is going 15 miles under the posted limit. However, it isn't enforced as heavily as going *over* the limit. Also, police will take circumstances into consideration. For example, if you're driving 25 in a 55 zone because you're driving through a blizzard, you probably won't get ticketed. I do know some individuals who have gotten a ticket for this offense. Most were driving some kind of farm equipment on a road. So, to sum up: Yes, it is possible to be ticketed for impeding traffic, but not extremely likely. Hope this helps :D
  • Another impeding offense is driving the posted limit in the left or passing lane. If the limit is 55 and you are in the passing lane causing traffic to be impeded, you are very likey to get a ticket.
  • In the State of Washington if you are in a slow moving vehicle holding up five or more cars you can be cited.
  • It is in California too, and I had the great pleasure of watching someone get pulled over for it once. (A lot of people in this town operate under the belief that 25 is the safest speed to drive at, anywhere, any time. *shudder*) However, if there are circumstances which make it unsafe to drive the speed limit (heavy fog, ice, or, uh, tornado), the maximum safe speed is the legal limit. So if the limit is 45, but it's not safer to drive faster than 30, you CAN'T get an impeding-traffic ticket for driving 30, but you CAN get a speeding ticket for driving 45.
  • Absolutely. going too slow can be just as dangerous as speeding. go out on the freeway and go 50 mph in a 70 mph zone and see if you don't get blown off the highway. man had a flat tire, traveling 15 mph on the interstate, speed limit 55 mph. a dump truck came on him at 60 mph and rear-ended the flat tire vehicle. both guilty. dump truck for improper following and auto for impeding traffic and careless driving. this was a classic case of impeding traffic and two drivers using bad judgement.

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