• "Unity creates a sense of harmony and oneness that pulls together picture • Variety is difference, which provides interest" "Visual Unity • Composition unified by color and shapes • Shapes fall into three families • Rectangles, simple curves, waves • Sheets of paper with brilliantly hued gouache, cut out shapes, and pasted shapes on flat paper supports. • Results called decoupages or cut-outs Henri Matisse. Memory of Oceania." "Two diverse subjects • Standing female figure • Two wheels • Unity achieved through use of thin lines and rough texture in figure, wheels, and axle as well as through use of bronze in piece • Interest held by varied components and by tension of figure poised precariously atop 2-legged table on wheels Alberto Giacometti. Chariot." "Conceptual Unity • Conceptual unity that asks for our interpretation • Photos all portray different parts of the body • Repeated text within frames • Text and photos together as groupings represent different aspects of the human figure Annette Messager. Mes Voeux." "Conceptual Unity • Art unified by ideas instead of basic elements • Joseph Cornell – selected and arranged objects to create a conceptual unity that was meaningful to him based on his dreams, nostalgia, and fantasies Joseph Cornell Untitled (Medici Princess)." Source and further information:

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