• Ask her if you did anything to offend her?
  • I moved in 4 years ago and the couple next door to me have been cold to the point of rude from the get go. I just let it roll off, but if you want to say something, you should.
  • Ask her if you offended her in any way, intentionally or unintentionally. Get it out in the open. Take her flowers or cookies or something you think she'll like and ask her.
  • G'day Daddysgirl, Thank you for your question. I'd ignore her and get on with your life. Alternatively, you could invite her over for coffee and see what happens. If she is rude to you, I'd ignore her. Life is too short. Regards
  • You should say something, but make it nice! Tell them their yard looks good, you think their dog/cat/hampster/boa constrictor is cute, something, anything. Try to start a conversation. They look at you because they don't know you. Let them get to know you at your best. I bet with a short conversation and then a friendly wave with the hello when you see them you can get a wave and a smile back every time. Great question (go..go..go..)
  • Kill her with kindness, if that doesn't work, then just kill...ahhh, no, I better not recommend that one. Honestly, it depends on how much of a bad ass you are and how much it bothers you. My advice, ignore her. If you can't, then confront her in a nice way if possible.

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