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  • That's interesting and I have know women that do that. My guess is, from an anatomical view that you could be stimulating the G spot. The G spot is not really understood. Some say it's a ganglia of nerves inside the vagina located behind the clitoris and feels like spongy tissue. if you insert your finger and curl it up you can feel it. Which I feel from experience that this is the G spot. The other so called G spot is actually the Skene's gland which is located underneath the bladder and connected to the urethra, it can discharge a clear fluid and the gland itself is similar to a man's prostrate gland. Stimulation of this area causes a woman to squirt/ejaculate if done correctly and the plumbing is functional.
  • i dont know, but ive been doing it for years and i thought it was weird but i see im not alone
  • Thats weird because I have always done that and I have no vagina (; Male G-spot maybe?
  • you never had real good sex a lot of men dont know how to do that spasim your talking about
  • Not uncommon for many of us to orgasm like that. Wish I could get it!

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