• this will be long but i hope it helps, practice is what helps the most but make sure you have a good spotter when you do it and ** keep your arms tight 1- sit back like your siting in a chair put your arms to your sides but back a little 2-swing you arms (keep them tight) through all the way to the side of your head, watch your hands as your arms swing (as in down put your head back b4 your arms, they go at the same time) stand up, (straight legs) and jump! 3- when your hands hit the ground snap your shoulders to help get up things to remember: -i cant stess this enough keep your arms stiff!pull through so even your sholders are tight. -straight legs right after you jump or you look like a frog haha -dont get freaked out, you will not kill yourself or even really get hurt if u keep your arms tight -dont get discouraged and keep trying it :)
  • you CAN break your elbows if you keep your arms "stiff" ... keep them straight even if your arms are straight, if you let your shoulder angle close you CAN break your neck if you do not have a coach, an experienced spotter or experience you SHOULD NOT be trying such an advanced skill

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