• I don't know what a tragus is but I would get it removed! Good health and feeling comfortable are my priorities. Take care of yourself.
  • dude go back to the piercer and see him...come on now....
  • I have never heard of savlon. What I used on my tragus was a 50/50 solution of bactine/water in a squirt bottle, 2 times a day. Healed fine. But I remember that feeling of pain and tenderness that you are describing.
  • I had mine pierced about 3 weeks ago and at first it was the same way. I was in so much pain! But after about 2 weeks the pain starts to go away.. I started using normal piercing stuff to wash it because the sea salt spray they gave me was just not working. Try some of that. you can get it at like Claires or any piercing place. Hope that helped!
  • My piercer told me not to rotate the jewelry because it irritates the piercing. Try leaving it alone for a bit.
  • erm mine never did that but the best thing is to use again is salt water, but if u think its infected use alcohol or surgcal spirit. take pain killers they'll reduce the pain an ibuprofen will help loosen the tissue, thats wat my doctor said. if it still persists after 4 weeks go to the doctors an see if u can sort it without them sayin take it out :)
  • salt and water solution is always the best thing to clean your piercings with. IT is natural to your body and won't irritate your piercing. If you absolutely have to, use peroxide to clean it. If it is pussing use alcohol. It will dry it up.
  • mine was the EXACT same way. but its been like a week and a half now and it feels muuuch better.

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