• well I grow my beard because it is me easily persuaded but I just thinks beards are cool
  • What tricks men into wasting their time shaving? Beards are totally awesome.
  • Some men do it to cover acne scars. Even if they grow a beard, they have to shave around it to shape it... otherwise it looks disgusting and unkept, dirty...
  • My uncle grew his beard because his skin is very sensitive. Shaving was too irritating. A friend of mine grows his in for warmth in the winter. I'm sure it boils down to personal preference, a variety of reasons, and whatever particular influences that person has run into during their life... and the laziness quotient, of course.
  • Ah, let's see. I say it's man's way of trying to cultivate something on his face that grows wild on his ass! Unfortunately far too many men don't do a good job of making either area look more attractive by neglecting it or allowing it to be extra hairy. Not shaving because of sensitive skin is a lame excuse to grow a beard too. Any nice looking beard (there are a few!) still needs to be groomed regularly. This means having to shave the sensitive parts - cheeks, under the chin and neck area. To let hair grow wild in these areas is gross, especially since men's facial hair looks exactly like pubic hair! My guess is any guy with an ungroomed beard also has a wild patch of hair in his pants! Ugh! And he's wondering why he can't get any oral sex! Attention: Men who keep their hair trimmed on their face, so it's not getting in our mouth or irritating our face (or thighs!) when kissing (!) are more likely to receive more pleasure from their partner . . . So get out the razors and use those scissors to clean up your face and elsewhere. Hey, you know "it" will look bigger if the hair is kept trimmed . . . Really!
  • I personally prefer to be clean shaven but I can understand why men grow beards. It's just so irritating that you have to shave every other day. In the week I shave because of work but on weekends I dont bother.
  • a chilly chin
  • Because beards rock! I'd grow one if I could, but right now all I can manage is a wispy little mustache.
  • 90% are lazy and are tired of shaving. so, let it grow, let it grow, let it grow.
  • It looks more manly. Many women like men with a beard and find such a man to be more mature and masculine. It is cool. You don't have to deal with razor bumps from shaving if that is an issue. Other men respect you more. It is easier than shaving everyday.
  • maybe theyre trying to attract women

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