• There is no reliable way for you to tell a goldfish's age yourself since they vary in growth speed due to diet, housing, stunting etc. If they are less than a couple of inches long I would suspect they are under a year old (or at least under 18 months). You can get an estimate of the goldfish's age by getting a biologist to study a fish scale. As scales grow, they make rings a lot like tree rings, that you can use to estimate the age. It is pretty complicated and expensive though, and it's best not to do it when the fish is alive because removing scales can leave the fish open to infections. Here's some more info on scale rings-
  • Cut it in half and count the rings!
  • I use their ventral/pelvic fin to study my goldfish' ages. My 7 varieties of fancy fish age between a few months to about 7 months of age. The ventral fin is between the pectoral and anal fin under neath the fish' body. My eldest, Kikko has a ventral fin of about 1 to 2cm long on the main frame of his fin. My youngest Bubble, is about 2 or 3 months old, hes pretty tiny but his ventral fins are even smaller yet at about half a cm to a cm. Hope this helps =] x
  • bring it to the vet and ask them to tell you
  • You didn't get his birth certicate?
  • count its teeth. or just ask it.

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