• That I tried my best to get their wheels in motion and steer them in the right direction, but it's up to them to make the right choices when they come to a fork in the road and the occasional dead end street.
  • When/If I have/had kids, I would want them to remember me as being fair and non-judgemental (Of course I would also need to work on these qualities first).
  • I dont have kids, But if/when I do, I would want them to remember me the same way that I remember my mom. Being kind, funny, fair, and mysterious. She would always put God first, her family second, and her last. She was truely and amazing woman. ~+~
  • that i taught them by example to always give 100% in everything they do, to be fair and always follow their hearts when making decisions~even if they aren't always the "popular" a leader instead of a follower, to love their family and always put them first in every decision they make.....and never~ever give up!
  • That I loved them unconditionally, without reservations, and this love was proof of their value.
  • The unconditional love that I have for them
  • How much i love them, and that everything i do is for their own good.
  • Iwant them to know that I will always love them, and I did the best I could with them as a single parent
  • How much i loved them
  • That I loved and protected them to the best of my ability; that I tried to set the best examples for them and that they always came first in my life while they were growing up.
  • that i was like their best friend ;)
  • That I love them of course, that's a given. I would like them to remember that I taught them to read,and to swim, to be honest, to think for themselves, that you won't get anywhere unless you work at it, to be fair, to not be prejudiced, to love and respect themselves and others, and most of all, to laugh. I guess I would like them to remember my strange sense of the rediculous. I have a rather off-beat sense of humor. If they would instill in their children the importance of learning to read well, I would be very happy.
  • I don't have kids yet but if I did, I think it would be their father whoever that might be that they should remember. I am a total clown.
  • That I love them, and want them to be happy doing whatever they do.

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