• Well, for me the easiest way would be to look for somebody who is going to spend an X amount of dollars in cash, and pay the item with the credit card and get the cash from him. It's a totally normal transaction and you end up with the cash money. Of course you will still need to pay for the debt and the interest, but it won't count as cash advance, but a normal purchase.
  • Paypal. Paypal $1000 to a buddy and have him/her cash it out.
  • What you are asking, is for people's advice on how to commit credit card fraud. You did not say whether the credit was stolen. was it? is it?? If the card is yours, you would know what to do.........
  • You need to think and do some research and find what someone needs and maybe you could turn it into much more than that, it all depends on how good you are at identifying people's needs and know where to get them and that they are available to pay for with that card. You can try ebay and Costco, buy and resell. There are many more places but these are easy as pie to find stuff, now all you nee are people to buy it.
  • Very good, you are right. I have already thought of those options. Unfortunately, they aren't as easy as you may expect. There can be complications on ebay. Also, many of these transactions take much time. I'm looking for something that is quick and easy. So far the easiest is to paypal cash to somebody and have them cash it out.

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