• Sure is. Especially if you have a written letter where you told him it was a danger.
  • Was it a tree on landlords property? If yes then his insurance co is responsible.
  • The tree is on his property and was located directly beside my driveway and right above my assigned parking spot. His insurance company (big name) was originally trying to call it an "act of nature" but it was not even storming that night and the tree is SOOOOOOO dead you can just peel it apart! No, I had not made any complaints about the tree prior to this occurrence - I did not know!
    • Mircat
      He was responsible if he knew the tree was dead or diseased. If he didnt know like you didnt lnow then hes not responsible. If the tree was dead then were there no leaves on it in the spring or summer last year? If no leaves you both had to known the tree was a goner.
  • It depends on a couple things: "You can file a claim, but unless there was neglect by landlord regarding the tree the claim will likely be denied. Acts of nature that harm someone else
  • they should be

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