• It was love at first sight. I knew I was going to marry her the night I met her. And I did...
  • Lust.I don't believe in love at first sight.
  • Grow over time-she started off 2 years older, and I kind of saw that as a turn off. How wrong I was....I only wished I had asked her out a year earlier so we could have had 1 more together.
  • It grew for an adversarial work relationship to lust to love and then started backing up for 18 years... now that has all changed and looking for a S/O again...
  • I believe it starts as lust, but it can quickly turn to love. Think about it, when you first see them, you don't know them, so you can't base an opinion on an image of someone. Love comes from spending time with someone, getting to know their personality and realising they're the part of you that's missing.
  • It grew over time.
  • I met him on the internet! Got to know him first through email; then the phone (with very lengthy conversations hours upon end); then in person. I had fallen in love with him long before I met him "in person". Once I saw him in person, it was a "mere formality" to what was already there in feelings for him! He's positively darling and a "true" gentleman!
  • It grew over time, we had known each other for about 15months before I fell for him.
  • We knew each other for 4 months until we met in person. And even though I already loved him by then, it was love at first sight and first smile. A day after, lust came, with our first kiss.
  • Strangers at first sight-Married couples at next sight!
  • Love at first sight. I moved to a new town in 7th grade, and one day we saw each other across the track field. Think about how immature with relationships you were in 7th grade... Neither of us consulted our friends, no silly little notes, nothing - we immediately walked towards each other in the midst of everyone and introduced ourselves to each other. We were inseparable after that until he moved away in high school. :-( We're 40 now, and thanks to a common friend at a high school reunion, we found each other again. I'm still just as much in love with him as I was the first day I saw him. We live in different towns, but the feelings are still there, and I believe once our children have grown up, we'll finally be married. I hope so at least!
  • it developed over time ahh, sweet memories...
  • I was pretty young at the time but I knew I really liked him from the start. After just a few weeks I really wondered if I could have found such a fabulous guy so easily and quickly. 40 years later I can say I did :-)
  • Grew over time. Love at first sight does happen, but is extremely rare.
  • I was as horney as a four-headed goat. Lust.
  • Like a frigging thunderbolt. I was talking to her and we got into a deep conversation and something huge passed between us emotionally. That was it and 22 years later we're still married.
  • I love her more with each passing day. She did have me pretty fast though, "I love you" slipped out on the first date but I managed to recover with some sly mumbling of words and repeating the sentence "I didn't mean to say that, I didn't mean to say that" over and over. I knew she was right for me, then and now.
  • It was lust for sure.... I had to train her at our restaurant.... I was severely hung over from a long night of Jack n Cokes, found out I was training someone and was not happy about it, but when I saw it was her I changed my tune..... Fire red hair, smoking hot body..... I was looking at her like nothing more than a piece of ass. Now we're married, with two kids :-D
  • We were friends for like 5 years(over the internet) before we ever even met in person. So, when I saw him for the first time.... actually, my head was down so much with my hair in my eyes and I was super shy so... lol, I didn't see him that much. But I definitely felt a lot... so, I wouldn't say love at first "sight."
  • I'm not sure. We were young. I was 22 and she was 20. I know I liked her immediately. It started off bantering, with me teasing her then developed very quickly. Within a month I think we both knew it was forever. Now I think she's the only woman who could ever really understand me and that I would ever have been happy with.
  • have not met him yet lol
  • It grew over time.

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