• :P of course i know what the switch is, i decided to take it to a pro, he opened it up for me and after many layers there was a chip that controls the wlan that was completely demolished, so i got that fixed and figured out the problems with the usb on my own =) all is well now but thanks anyways!
  • Make sure that you WLAN button is on to get on the internet correctly, and when you plug in the USB cable make sure that you turn ur USB connection on. By going to USB connection on your psp. When a message that pops up saying connect a USB cable, that is when u can connect it; and on your computer screen you should see something that pops up. If that doesn't work you might be using the wrong USB cable for it, because not all USB cable works for psp.
  • By jinxed798 on April 13th, 2008

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