• Yes. My heart was pounding so hard that I thought I was having a heart attack.
  • yes not a nice experience is ti, ive woken up crying before now!
  • when I was younger and jaws first came out I had a waterbed I had some crazy dreams
  • No..but I awoke drenched with sweat and it took me a little while to get oriented and realize that whatever "that" was, it was only a dream and I was now awake! :)
  • It actually happened to me 4 times. The first 3 was the exact same dream over the period of a few years spreaded out, then the other one felt SO REAL with some sniper breaking in my room and about to kill me. I mean my room was like the way it was before I went to bed that night.
  • Only one time, but I don't remember the nightmare.
  • Of course... But once was really memorable: For some reason, I dreamed a friend of mine had a snake in a jar. He opened the jar and dumped the snake right in front of me, and it immediately coiled to strike at ME. THIS is when I woke up and sat up in bed. Problem was, at the foot of my bed, I could see that snake as clear as day (it was night and dark). I closed my eye and shook my head, opened them and he was STILL there. Took what seemed like 5 minutes or so for the snake to fade away. (Probably only 10-15 seconds, but in my mind...)
  • Yes, this morning. I dreamed that my husband was following me. He was right behind me all the time and I couldn't shake him off. I struggled and struggles to get rid of him. I begged, pleaded, cajoled but nothing worked. Finally I screamed in frustration and yanked with all my might and ended up sitting up in my bed sweating and exhausted.
  • Once I was having this nightmare but I don't remember it. I just know that I woke up in the midst of ''action''. I swung out my arm like as if I was trying to scratch something, kind of like a cat and ended up slamming my fingernails right in the wall and it hurt like hell. XD
  • I have a couple of times. I can tell you also the myth about waking up before a fall is complete, is a bunch of bull. I was falling and hit the water and I am still here.. ;)
  • No, but I have been woken up by my husband during one. He says I was yelling, pulling on his lip and I kicked him in the a*s.
  • Yes, and I know I love My Baby doesn't agree, but I find when I fall in a dream sometimes it does wake me with that feeling in my stomach. :)
  • i dreamed my friend had a really short fringe and we got hit by a truck and she died and then my mind blanked and she was in a coffin and started yelling....I LIKES CHEESE! so i woke up and so my answer is yes. yea i do have weird dreams
  • I don't think I ever have. I'm more likely to fall out of bed.
  • i've actually gotten out of bed and run out of the room, its a recurring dream but its a dream that there is a mosquito in my room or bugs so I run out of my room....weird i know. It takes a minute until i realize that it was a dream and there are no bugs
  • yep. usually in cold sweats too.
  • i remember it happening once wen i was young and that i was scared out of my freakin mind, i was also sweating and breathing out of control, but the wierd thing is, i don't remember the nighmare at all

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