• If he uses good punctuation than you have a real keeper here...............
  • i thought text messaging was a good think for the relationship I just got myself into because I can talk to him during work, but there has to be some real phone call too. Otherwise, the excitement dies down and they get used to just text messaging you to get by... but i guess some contact is better than none at all. I still prefer them to call in person though.
  • I have many aquaintainces who have gotten caught cheating by the texts they send. So....yes!
  • haha! I go through the same thing with one of my guy friends. We pretty much have sex than text each other until we do it again. I'm cool with it. We never actually talk on the phone.
  • Well, I'd like to think the best of text messaging... However, it has resulted in an increasing social and intellectual decline in the general populous. Have you ever read civil war letters? (I have, because I find myself with nothing else to do at the strangest times) But they're beautiful, and passionate, and eloquent. And this is from young men, (the youngest civil war fighter was 11, I believe) barely educated, pouring their heart and soul into letters to their loved ones, because they knew it might be their last chance to say, "I love you" Today, I got a dozen text chain messages, telling me to hit up at least ten friends, or I'll be loveless for life. If I were to try to send a passionate text message, expressing my love, I would probably get a reply saying "LOL!" How passionate can you really get with someone who texts "i luv u 2"?
  • I absolutely hate text messages. It seems so pointless to me. Why not just talk to each other on the phone? Maybe it's because my phone sucks so badly at them, but I refuse to use them for anything. I especially hate it when you see a driver text messaging on the freeway. Morons.
  • OMG I KNOW!!!!! its like too easy. Guys should call.
  • I would text the guy back and tell him you prefer to speak on the phone at first. a guy should never make his first communication through texting.
  • I don't text, so if someone wanted to "text" me, I would write back: I don't like texting, lets meet, or give me a call nip it in the bud before it becomes a problem.
  • I dont know..give me your number and we will find jk.. yeah i kinda do in ways cause you are not really talking and texting is so much harder to understand sometimes.
  • Texting....what about cell phones, email, myspace, facebook etc.?(and this site for that matter) I don't own a cell phone so have never texted, and your question is one of the reasons I have chosen not to have one.
  • I think it is ruining relationships. You don't get to know someone as well through a few short sentances. You need to actually spend time with the person and TALK. Even emails are longer than text message responses. I think texts are ok during the first initial stages of getting to know each other, but a phone call is neccessary for a date to occur.
  • It's alot easier for a shy guy to talk via a text than on the phone as the phone is seen as an easy way to screw up as you can't see our body language so there's a fear of misinformation. Also there's the insecurities that are found in any guy that isn't the macho or overeager type.
  • I think its an easy way out. I also think it will only hurt relationships; as people get more and more comfortable with texting they lose the face to face connection. People gain the skills to personally communicate by doing it!! Besides the fact that texting is so subjective - you can't tell the tone or the volume of someone's voice!

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