• interracial couples? 2 of my aunts married white men on my mom's side my dad remarried to a white woman one aunt on my dad's side dated a black man my uncle married a white woman my aunt married a white man a family friend is black and married a white woman, previously was with a mexican woman my friend is mexican and is married to a syrian and i know of an egyptian man who married a peruana [somebody from peru, whats the english term?]
  • Quite a bit up here in the Bay Area. I see both white men with black women and black men with white women in about the same proportion. I think it's all kinds of awesome. The faster we blend all the races, the sooner people can stop worrying about which one they are.
  • My friend, it's pretty diverse and tolerant here. When I was exercising around LA, I saw lots of interracial couples. I've got a sister who is married to a white man and has 3 kids by him. And I've got some cousins who are married to white women. Welcome to California.
  • I'm married to a native South American so I see it every time I go out. ;) I see other other interracial couples quite frequently in the Los Angeles metro area. I think there might be fewer interracial couples in the Antelope Vally (primarily Palmdale and Lancaster) because I've heard of more anti-black racist activity out there. I think Susanville in northern California might be just as racist. I saw some jerk with a double lightning-bolt tattoo the last time I was there.
  • I was in CA for a while. It's everywhere. It's not just in CA though.
  • No one gives inter-racial couples a second look.
  • You're moving to a mega sized city where interracial relationships are very common place... no one will pay you any attention. Just find yourself a nice person and have fun.
  • If you like the White Ladies, Brotha, you think you died an gone to heaven out here!
  • Pretty often, in both cases. Interracial couples in Southern California are so usual as to be unremarkable.
  • Emotionally I disdain white women who would date a black man. With that said I don't think as I feel, the two are not the same. While politically and socially I am tolerant the truth is I will have nothing to do with those women and won't talk to them.
  • it's pretty common in's one of those things where no one really ever pays attention to the fact that there's an inter-racial relationship going on because it doesn't matter who's with who as long as they're happy
  • I live in sacramento, and it is very common, and people don't even give it second look, on the street that I live on there are 4 interracial couples...
  • In general, I couldn't really tell you for the sheer fact I don't bat at eyelash at color. Most people I know feel this way so don't worry. Just live your life, hon. Good luck with the move. :)
  • It's fairly common in Orange County. I dunno, I don't really pay attention to tell you the truth. No one bats an eyelash about it around here.
  • often enough so that they are not unusual. generally they are more prevalent in the university communities.
  • Well, then you won't be disappointed. :)

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