• No. I have never seen a controversial T Shirt.
  • Seen them? I own several. These are my three favorite. I spend way too much money on shirts.
  • controversial? anything with "f*ck >>insert religion, race, or LGBTQ<<" on it or something of the like seen 3 of them that i can think of. they had to have been homemade but it still upset me
  • I have one I love. Its says "There are cooler ways to die" and has the circle with the line in it over a cigerette heehee But my favorite one says "The last thing I want to do is hurt you but its still on the list." I have about worn it out.
  • I can't remembering seeing an overtly controversial tee shirt but I did see some jerk with a double-lightning bolt tattoo in Susanville once.
  • ... do you mean like this ... ??? .
  • My brother has a few, one just has a name tag with "SATAN" on it, another says, "Careful, I'm running out of places to hide the bodies." or something like that.
  • well theres the one with the f word on it
  • I've got two awesome ones that I am too pregnant to wear now. One has a pictire of George W. Bush and it says "World's Most Dangerous Terrorist". I often wore it to shows and got many compliments. The other just has W's face with Mickey Mouse ears on his head. I dearly love both of them and have worn them through both of his terms. Oh oh. Here comes some right-wing downraters. Duck!
  • I saw a tshirt that said "I'M WITH STUPID"....and the arrow pointed down toward his pants....
  • Oh my, well this IS DAMN near a duplicate but not quite! I KNOW if I offer up some of the WORST ones I've encountered here I'll get blasted, cuz Lord knows they LOVE to shoot the messenger, especially on controversial or offensive. Doesn't matter if it IS a good answer to a question or NOT.
  • Saw one with a picture of a cat and it said underneath. "Wanna kiss my pussy?"

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