• Find a more considerate, respectful boyfriend!
  • Deleted you from his friends' list? Then you should be happy! Delete him from your life as well.
  • i find is disgusting when i see men on AB who are married heavily flirting with young girls on here. It's pretty creepy. The odd thing is why would your boyfriend flirt with girls when he knows you will see it? I could never date a guy like the ones I see on AB. Don't get me wrong, they are a hoot to talk to but...more than anything just laughable.
  • Deleted you ? Discuss this with him ,ask him for a good reason and do accordingly :-)
  • Oops sorry :)
  • Be thankful. He sounds creepy.
  • he deleted YOU, his girlfriend, from his friends list cuz you got mad at HIM for being an asshole? forget about this loser.
  • Celebrate - who wants an online perv for a bf?
  • Delete him as a boyfriend.
  • Celebrate and get nicer more respectful friends:-)
  • they should have a curb category to kick his butt to.
  • He is a selfish immature DOG, so drop kick him to the curb.
  • I would say throw a party and be thankful! If that's the type of person that he is you should be grateful that you found out now...and not much later when it could have been a lot harder to let go. Not saying it will be easy now, but you're moving on to bigger and BETTER things! Good luck!
  • Move on,let the prev go on about his perving. Yeah right, his finger jokingly deleted you. Dont believe him.
  • This is a bad thing why? Being a perv is bad enough, but right in front of you. . .not cool. Don't do anything. Let him be a perv and you can go find somebody else who isn't one.
  • I think this may be the first breakup via AB friends list. This guy is a chump. Leave him and get with someone who respects you!
  • In my opinion, you should move on. The two of you obviously don't have the same values on this issue anyway.
  • You need to transcend your one sided relationship with Mr. Monk. A real monk knows how to be compassionate and loving and doesn't need porn.Porn is for those lost people looking for some external perverted stimulation. That runs totally opposed to the attitude of being enlightened. He has shown his true colors by the way he demeans others at times here. I've seen him try to dazzle us with brilliance, then if that doesn't work, he then resorts to try to baffle us with his bullshit. It shouldn't be hard for you to make the right decision.
  • make a new one and add some random pics then befriend him start talking to him .. then when he starts wanting to talk and shit just ignore him sounds like he acts like hes 5
  • hes a fag, forgot about him.... is he like some internet boyfriend??
  • If you want this relationship to work and you truely care about him, then confront him in a good manner... Communicate don't fight or argue no point the finger at one another and surely don't blame... Communication is the down fall in most relationships.. Tell him how you feel and how this is affecting your guys relationship...
  • Delete him from your life.
  • Were talking as in real life dating not cyber sex/dating? I think if he NEVER actually hooked up then you should be fine. If he's trying to hook up then its different...if he's being a perv; then I say suck it up most guys are pervs.
  • lmao... these questions are feminist MAGNETS they come storming through, swarming with pitchforks and torches, ready to burn down mankind for its perverted nature and shelter the battered women, abused and tortured by the 'bf' that was checking out another girl you wanna know what you should do? Get offline & keep the drama at home :)
  • Send him an email virus or worm. That will teach him.

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