• Our last name. We knew they would get teased over that so we tried to pick names that would not provoke anything.
  • I believe in letting them choose their own names when they get ready, so I gave them temporary names that I liked the sound of.
  • Something that when they get older they can say 'Hi, my name is___________' and not feel embarassed. Something timeless and classy. Something that would go with their last name.
  • That the initials didn't spell something unintentional (Last name starts with "S"... Wouldn't name a kid Allen Sherman S... ya know!) and WERE considering Jessica Elaine S.... (Nick's the same as initials). And how the name sounded. We quickly considered the names of our parents and grandparents (We didn't know very much further back, or we may have considered those).
  • 1. I HATE nicknames. Why name your kid "Jocelyn" if you're just going to call them "Josie"? I chose names that didn't have a simple nickname. 2. Recognizable, but still uncommon enough that there won't be six of their name in the classroom. 3. Names that have some meaning to us (a family member, a favoured literary figure...)

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