• A man also gets a ring too. But i don't think there are any TRADITIONS saying that the man shuold also get something.
  • I'll be cheesy and say the man gets a beautiful fiancee. Seriously though, I wouldn't mind a gold star or something. I'm not asking for much here. In some traditions the bride brings her husband a dowry after marriage. Not sure if that counts.
  • Well, I've seen quite a few married men where I live who wear wedding rings. Note: "Quite a few" in that context actually means there are enough married men here who wear wedding rings for an observant person to notice, therefore it's normal to me.
  • The man gets a betrothal.
  • When a person gives someone a ring as a promise of marriage, they are giving their partner a gift to symbolize their love in hopes of trading for a hand in marriage. Traditionally, this is a man's role, and that is why traditionally men do not receive rings (because they would receive marriage in return). However, situations are not always traditional, and their are women without rings because they proposed to their boyfriends... In which case, the man would receive the gift of gold (/platinum/silver/stainless steel/etc.) as a trade for his hand.
  • the man gets the beautiful women
  • Hmm, husband and I both wore rings when we were engaged. Also, he had no "dent" in his bank account because we chose and paid for the rings together. I think this is a sterotype that doesn't apply to everyone.
  • All I ever got was a headache.
  • My fiance wore a ring I designed and had made for him on his ring finger, until we got married, and switched for his matching wedding ring (which I also designed). He wears the other ring on his other hand when we go out.
  • For beginners, a woman does not necessarily always get a beautiful ring ..... many are happy with a simple band when they could have their choice of something much more expensive. Generally, the man gets a band as part of the wedding ceremony. I don't think a man should necessarily expect anything other than an EQUAL partnership.
  • geesh....a little history lesson is in order. The engagement ring was intended to mark the woman as claimed by the man, but not owned by him yet. So, she gets the ring, he gets the claim stake. a man who was "betrothed" was not allowed to have sex with her, but in every other aspect, he had absolutely authority and control over her.
  • I thought the tradition was that the man gets sex more often. It is a bit ironic because the man pays to lose his freedom.
  • UMM hello, you got your prize if she said yes! lol
  • G'day Zubradevine, Thank you for your question. The man gets the hand in marriage of a beautiful woman. As well, they could have two rings made. Regards
  • I don't think the men really care, they definately don't want a beautiful, and if the bank balance thing really mattered or was even true they wouldn't be getting married.
  • In western tradition the man got nothing. That's all I want. I'm not wearing any rings.
  • The ring is simply a dolled up slave bracelet or collar with a hidden name engraved on it, to keep men far away from that man's mate! Its modernized so women don't feel like slaves, but the tradition of giving something obvious like that was to turn off other men from his prize. It also showed the mans stats. If he was rich, some men would try to kidnap the woman for ransom. Some would turn around and walk away, while others might even try to figure out who the husband was and purchase his 'blushing bride'. Today wedding rings, turn off men. Simply because woman have been granted free rights. Instead of getting a collar around the neck or wrist. They get a pretty ol diamond, so they feel cherished. In some traditions, when it comes to equal traditional weddings. It would be just 1 ring, a wedding band for both the man and woman, of the exact same set just a his/her's band. To symbolize unity where-ever they went. In some other type of traditions, no such rings are exchanged. But a cord that is used in binding the two lovers as one. That would be given to the couple to hang or store, should they need be divorced they both take the rope and cut the center. Taking a part and going their own seperate ways. At that time they could throw it in the fire, or even keep it as a rememberance for what they once had.
  • He gets less money, that's about it. But, I won't wear rings anyway. I don't like jewelry and refuse to wear a wedding ring.
  • I think the woman gets a nice ring to make up for the shaft she'll get later that day.
  • The man gets laid. Remember? That's why you got the job and the wallet in the first place.
  • He gets a ring as well you know, and he gets a beautiful wife to live with for the rest of his life. +5

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