• We should remain silent and swallow our pride. Well, not really hard to do now for me, right after my three-day stay at the Penalty Box. This is just a website anyways, and all of us are mere pawns in it. That's why I no longer spend so much time here like I used to before. lol does that make sense? I'm actually censoring myself, that's why. EDIT: Don't complain. Do you really think that Answerbag cares about your feelings? Reminder: AB is a commecial website. The bottomline is their bottomline.
  • No, ignoring or pretending everything's fine don't help the situation either. Kind of burying your head in the sand. Everybody's entitled to have an opinion, a good time, learn something and not be downrated because of certain poor-judgment users. Use the Feedback feature and contact the AB staff, explain your problem and why you think those downrates are undeserved.
  • Yes apparently we are expected to sit down and shut up. Since this site has expanded to take in a lot of people that seem to think THEIR opinion is the only one that is allowed we get a lot of DRs and not small ones either .Just dare to disagree and you will be constantly harassed by those that seek to censor others opinions They may not take away your points in reality they count for nothing but they do mess up your percentages . Today everyone on a question asking which was their favourite John Lennon song got a -5 rating, obviously this supposed higher ranking but person lacking in intelligence did not like the songs chosen.. Sad that AB has sunk to such a level.
  • You are allowed to write your opinion, even if it is strong, that is the whole point of the site, you ask, they answer. You cant pick and choose, how everyone should answer to you. You do not have to respond to anyone, unsubscribe. If, they are being offensive, then you can tell the A/B staff. ***Personally, I think they should get rid of the Downrating, it is USELESS, all it does is let immature, trolls piss people off. If I dont like what a person says, I comment that to them.
  • If you don't respond, if you unsubscribe to the thread, then you won't know about what is going on and it can't get any worse with you not participating. Every time you add a comment you are 'feeding' the troll. I have found it is nearly impossible fro people to 'just' respond once and leave it at that. They just get pulled in deeper and the thread gets longer and longer and before you know it, everybody is penalty boxed. The best thing to do is ignore and go find a community leader if there is some offensive language involved. If someone is downrating you extensively you can try to write to the Staff via the feedback button on the bottom of YOUR profile page and tell them the date and time it happened and they can check it out and possibly do something about it. But it better be extensive DRing for it to look like trolling. I've sen people cry about being trolled and they've had 3-5 DR's or less scattered around for days and that's not good enough. The best thing to do is just ignore. The reason they stay on your trail is because you feed them, you react too much, though I know it is hard not to. Even posting like this asking this question is feeding them. They are getting the attention they crave. I checked your Feedback and you have only been DR'd 3 times lately, amounting to only -6 points. Sorry but that just isn't a lot. It's normal. People could just be marking you as "Not helpful" It happens. DRs are just other people having their say as you want yours.
  • If you are truly being harassed, as in somebudy just followin you around and Downrating you for no real reason, look down at the bottom of any page and see "Feedback" click on it, tell the bag-holders what you suspect and give some links. If it is harassment they will un-dr you and take action against the jerk.
  • Just turn off the ratings button. You'll be much happier.
  • 'surmenage'!? I don't even know what that is. Ya go usin words that folks gotta finish the 8th grade no wonder ya get harassed. Tha 8th grade seems to be the level of a bunch of the questions hee in the bag, even the ones that seem to be about high school or even college level assignments. I don't think I ever had a surmenage, I think that if I ever did have one I would remember it. ( But then one a ma best college friends claims i had a menage a trois, that i don't remember, wif a couple of co-eds, but then he claims that i aged at least ten years between 1965 and 1975, i don't remember how many years it took for me to get from 1965 to now) Wether I ever had a surmenage or not, I don't think I wanta have another one. Not without licensed medical supervision anyway. Well, maybe I would if there were drugs involved. But I dunno does it hurt? Would I be sore afterwards and for how long? I'm confused, did you mean you had one surmenage and that is enuff? Or that no way will you be satisfied with having just one surmenage and never have another? Instead of waiting to have another surmenage, you are going to go right out and have another? I'd rate your question up higher but I already rated as high as I could. I dunno the surmenage I have might have sumpin to do wiff that. Even don't know what a surmenage is, and it knows about a gazillion words.

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