• I would just try and stay calm about it. As long as you two are completely honest with eachother and the communication is all good, then i would say no need to worry. This does happen but don't freak out about it ok :)
  • ok, i will calm down. thanx
  • I never thought that keeping my ex's as friends was a big deal, until my current relationship. Talking to guys I had previous relations with made my boyfriend feel insecure and uncomfortable. I didn't think about how it would make me feel in the same situation. I chose to respect his feelings and let go of my past. I decided that if this relationship was going to work, I had to work at it and if that's one aspect then that's okay with me. There are no secrets between us and our communication is between us and not between me and a previous guy. I know if he talked to ex's all the time, I would feel very insecure about it. I've already been through a marriage where my husband cheated on me. I chose to just sit there and let him think it was okay to have lots of "girl" friends. I knew deep down the truth. If what your guy is doing is making you uncomfortable, lay it down for him. You can only be true to yourself and if he loves you and respects you he will want to be into you and let go of his past too. Take a stand.
  • Being on the other side of this, I lost alot of friends because my bf couldn't handle me having exes as friends...actually any males really. If you trust him, let him have his friends. They might just become your friends too. ;) However, Trust your gut, if you are truly uncomfortable with a girl in particular, you have to discuss it with him. (sorry, seems like conflicting advice but, each situation is so different) Good Luck!
  • Tell him how it makes you feel, and why. He has 2 choices, to respect you & your feelings & take a step back from his x(s), or, disregard your feelings and continue as he has been. This leaves you with 2 choices, accepting that he has a past, which includes people he has dated but is no longer romantically interested in, or, stress & worry about who he talks to, when & why, until it drives you both crazy & he dumps you. Since you can't change anyone but yourself, you need to decide if this is a hill you are willing to die on or not.
  • I went through the same thing with my son's father couple years ago and I stay quite about it and it backfired because he cheated with one of them, is dif. if he broke up with them and they are in good standin but for them to call each other all the time, then might as well they stay together if they had such a wonderful N my sons father are back together and things are more dif.(he grew up, I grew up) they are running smooth now....good luck!
  • Why would it make you sick? Why should your boyfriend dislike people he thought were interesting enough to get to know better and attempt a relationship? There's no rule that you can't be friendly with your ex; it doesn't imply an affair or cheating. He dated them, they didn't work out, now he's with you. Don't worry about the exes; jealousy is what will kill a relationship.

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