• I never expect my in laws to take care of me or mine. We take care of our own and prefer it that way.
  • If they are your in-laws you probably have no choice. If you are thinking of marrying the son maybe you should think again. However, what does this mean they think of you? Think again about the relationship. And, lastly, whose defination of rich? What does that mean? One more comment: Why do you need help, can't you be independent?
  • Why should their being rich make me less accepting of them? And why should their being rich naturally translate to them shoving some of their wealth off onto me just because I married into their family? Me thinks you and hubby needs to start working towards your OWN wealth, and stop worrying about the in-laws bank account!
  • Certainly. I'm sure they'd be there for their child if it were necessary, but they don't owe you a thing.
  • I am capable of taking care of myself without anyone's help, thank you. Just because someone related to me by marriage is rich, does not mean they have any obligation to help me.
  • I dont know...i guess. It's not like I marry my in-laws I am marrying their son. If it were he who said those things I wouldn't be too sure. However I'd advice big eyes to stop counting other people's money.
  • I'd have no other option than accept it. It's their choice. Even though it's not a decision I think I'd make in the same situation. Mostly I wouldn't want it to be a source of friction between my partner and I.
  • I have no right to their money to begin with. It would be nice if they would share, but they have no obligation to do so. I would love my husband if his parents were poor, and COULDN'T help out too. That said, I probably wouldn't go out of my way to make nice with them, either. Success is the best revenge. Do well for yourself WITHOUT their help!
  • Yes.........hopefully I could establish a relationship not based on finiancial success. If they don't want to offer than I would'nt hold it against them.
  • Yes, I wouldn't get married to a woman and expect her rich parents to support us. I have always been able to support myself, and I would be willing to work 2 jobs if money was tight.
  • In-laws don't have to do anything. Who did you marry? If they were telling you what to do all the time you's hate that.. parents don't owe their adult children anything. They've done their work. Is your spose a good person, loving and faithful, does your spose work everday? If you answer yes, then, they did a good job.
  • I would accept any in-laws who wouldn't get all up in my business!
  • how rich and how old are they? "rich" is a very misused term these days
  • i dont really understand this question. Is there some reason you feel that they NEED to 'help' you because they have money?
  • If I ever get married, why should I expect in-laws to help me out? Why should I freeload off of them because they are rich? I think that if I ever get into that kind of situation, the problem would be with me.
  • What other option do you have?
  • Of course.Who cares what they do with their money?
  • Yes. Even if they are greedy people, It really isn't their responsibility to provide anymore.
  • I married my husband not his parents or family. I would not want their help unless it came down to needing something for their grandchild and then I would make sure it was repaid. I will say no man is an island, we all could use a little help now and then , but no one is under any obligation to provide it. I am talking financially or otherwise. Frankly, I would prefer to go with out and at least say I was my own person.
  • yes even though in time they would get to me if they always threw up how rich they were but i made my life based on me not them. people like the rich..they want for nothing.people like us (middle class) always have wants and some are granted some are not..but in the end who will appreciate it more and enjoy life more? if you know you have worked for what youve got you will sometimes i think this keeps us stronger and makes us better reliable people..
  • Sure. Technically, they are right. They don't have to help you. If they do offer help, you should not accept it, because the borrower is a slave to the lender.
  • I would be embarrassed to have asked for help in the first place and probably hurt that after I asked I didn't get help. But in-laws are in-laws - family by marriage - so I would of course accept them. . It IS their money after all. Besides which, having debt within a family is poisonous.

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