• I believe you will grow until you are 17. I did not stop until I was 18:)
  • it really depends on your genes... I know I stopped growing when I was done with high school... probably about 18... but my dad he hit another growth spurt in college... and ended up about 5 inches taller (I think you would have to ask him... he told us about it a couple of times)...
  • lazerus1500 is right; everyone is different, some stop growing very early and some keep growing into their 20's. Don't worry about it too much though, you have reached a good height, not tall, not short. I'm your height and so is my wife of nearly 16 years. At your age I wanted to be taller to but to my surprise, I've found this to be an almost ideal height; you can reach most stuff reasonably well and taller folks run into problems with seating and certain tasks that require bending. All that bending is tough on their backs.
  • You might... I was about 6-0 at 16 or so. By the end of HS, I was 6-4 to 6-5. End of college I was 6-9. Hey... You don't WANT to be this tall unless you are independently wealth, can get people to BUILD cars for you, can afford tailers for suits, shirts, pants, etc., and can afford other clothes. It's also difficult to find seats you actually fit in in music halls and movie theaters, shoes cost a BUNCH and are hard to find, etc. My Dad was 6'-0". HE can buy clothes off the rack. So can you. Be glad! ;-) [EDIT] Oh yeah... And when you stop growing UP, you MAY start growing OUT. Be careful! LOL
  • Boys/men typically stop growing between the ages of 18 and 21. Thats when most of the bone development tapers off. By the way, I'm 18 and 5' 7" and I have not grown in about a year, so it's different for everyone. I'm still taller than my boss though :)
  • How tall are your parents... find out from your dad when he stopped growing. A lot of boys hit a late growth spurt at 17 or 18. =)
  • what do you need to be taller for .. does your mom put the cookies in the cupboard on the top shelf ? I think 5'7" is a decent height... that's how tall I am. however since you asked .. I think at 16 you will still get another inch or possibly three before you stop growing.
  • first, go see a doc and get some x-rays. the doc can tell you if you are done growing or not. some guys can keep growing into their 20's, but some do not. also, if neither of your parents are tall, you probably won't be tall either. the doc can tell you pretty accurately how much more you will grow. there is no exercise or stretch that will make you taller - height is based off genetics. you could take growth hormones (prescribed by a doc - but the doc wouldn't prescribe them unless you needed them for a medical reason). you can also have surgery to have both of your legs broken and extended - for 1 or 2 inches of height. i'm sure you can find satisfaction in life if you don't grow any more.
  • Well, you could get high dose HGH injections. You might develop a gap between your two front teeth and grow back hair, and you'll certainly have hideous acne and waxy skin. But there's a chance you'll grow a few more inches. If however, you hope to hit 6 feet, you'll need to travel to a country where plastic surgeons are excellent but still crazy enough to place you unnecessary risk of death just for a buck. Thailand or Brazil be good choices for this. Once there, you'll need to have some Gattica-style bone extensions in addition to massive hormone treatments. Alternatively, you could choose to believe your body is only a temporary bio-mechanical home for your soul and use this idea to help yourself get over it. But that's so last millennium.
  • I am 17 and I grew 5.5 inches in the past two years. Anything can happen.
  • My son grew 5 inches between when he entered college and when he graduated, winding up at 5'11". Much depends on genetics and nutrition.
  • thats tall, just be thankful youre not 4ft5 like me

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