• You may have to rip up the carpets and just get throw rugs. Thankfully, my cats just go in the box, but when they make a dump I must run in there because the smell just permeates the first floor.
  • 1. Get rid of a cat or 2. 2. Tear out all of your carpet. 3. Move.
  • You will never get the smell of cat urine will have to have the carpet riped up and then the floors under will have to be sanded down and re stained (if they are hardwood)then new padding and carpet laid down and sometimes that doesn't work. Cat urine is impossible to remove...Ugh...Good luck, and thats why I have a dog ;-)
  • I think that the human nose is very good at adapting to common smells around the house. I have found the same problem when visitors call, especially those who don't have pets or animals. I used air freshener plug-ins for years and air freshener aerosols but they don't last long, they are expensive, they don't kill the source of the smell just cover it up. I have found the best solution now though, it is a small ozone generator which does just plug-in and generates Ozone which is a natural anti bacterial agent. It is Magic!. It eliminates the smells and also the bacteria which cause them. There is only one UK designed unit which is properly CE marked (not a Chinese rip-off). Have a look at They have some larger ones as well for bigger problems.
  • I don't have a cat, but my old roommate had 2. We used oxyclean, mixed it wil a bit of water and poured it all over let it sit while we went and rented a rug doctor (carpet cleaner) It worked, got the smell out of the house. Now I have a dog, my house does not smell. But I really like the "Carpet Fresh" brand the Super Pet, it smells really good and clean. You just spray it on the floor after vacuuming and it smells clean for days. My friends always comment how my house always smells so clean. I love it.
  • We had a cat who peed on our carpet, did it for months, finally we noticed along with the smell, the rug was ripping, wall to wall, The rug was saturated with urine, we ripped it up, scrubbed the floor with bleach. still smelled like no tomorrow..My husband finally had to remove the hardwood floor in that corner along with the molding and sheetrock. Bye kitty. My cats use a box, I have 3 boxes, I change everyday, when they poop, I get it with the scooper and flush it. Im terrified someone will say PU, when they come in:(
  • You are not using the right product. Go to your favorite pet store and purchase a product that contains enzymes. a store worker will assist you. The enzymes eat away at urine smell and it really works.
  • It's your house. You can't smell it. Does it bother you personally?
  • You need to kill the bacteria causing the smell as well as clean the urine from the carpet. To do this you require an ozone generator. They are used professionally in care homes etc to remove the wee smell by eliminating the bacteria. Try an ozone Plug-In from It is a professional solution at household prices.
  • The previous owners of my rental had cats. The carpets were removed, the cement slab was treated with an enzyme base cleaner, and new rugs installed. We installed plug-in deodorizers in every room, and two in the living room. After six months, the smell is now gone. However, since you are keeping the cats, I would suggest you simply cover up the smell when you are expecting visitors, such as burning scented candles, baking cookies, or bread, simmering cinnamon, spraying pine, or other scent around, Put baby powder under all the cushions.
  • I'm not sure if you have this in your country, i'm from Australia, "Nil-Odour" one drop in the middle of a room works. I moved into a house a few years ago that was previously owned by 2 freaks with 8 dogs that they let piss and crap all through the house. It was atrocious. Nil-Odour cleared out the smell completely.
  • You do realize that as soon as the smell is gone the cat will start markings its ground again!
  • I promise if you can find this product and use as directed, you will not be sorry! It's called "Nature's Miracle". This is an awesome product, please try it. It will do the trick!
  • Ditch the's the only way to get rid of it. It's probably soaked into the underlying padding.
  • I had a cat who urinated in the same area a couple of times. Urinated not sprayed (if it's spray then just replace the carpet cuz it aint coming out). I had to cut the pad out from under that area because it wont come out of the pad. Then I cleaned the wood beneath the pad with pinesol. Then I had the carpet cleaned by a company who also used a very strong pet odor remover that they sprayed on the area and let it sit before they cleaned that area. It took the smell away for the most part. If I stick my nose down in the area I can still smell it faintly, but its mostly gone. I think the biggest thing is to remove the pad and you can replace that piece of it for pretty cheap. Good luck.
  • There is a new product called Puddle Out that is wonderful! It can be purchased from their web site at or at the stores listed on the dealers page. It really works.
  • They might be peeing on your couches. Cats do that when they want extra attention. They'll usually head straight for the place that they know their owners like to relax or sit on. Try finding the smell on your couches, sofa pillows or bed.
  • Hope your not cleaning with products that contain ammonia. It just adds ammonia to ammonia. I have eight indoor cats and no odors. I use scoopable litter. It's an odor controller because when you use clay litter, your only removing the solid waste and the urine soaked clay litter is remaining the litter box. Baking soda added is just an extra cost and won't last that long, so go to the scoopable type. Use lots of white vinegar. I buy by the gallon for about $2. Make a solution of half vinegar and half water. This neutrilizes the urine. Use a spray bottle or a one gallon garden sprayer for easy use. Clean litter boxes, carpet and anything that may have been marked by urine. The vinegar smell goes away when it dries and there is no smell. Use vinegar in the wash on fabrics that may have been marked. And make sure your cats are spayed and neutered. The whole males have a terrible scent because of the hormones in the urine. When a cat squats to urinate, it is just urine. When they are standing upright, they also are excreting a smell from the anal glands. This solution will neutrilize the odor. Another product that I keep a solution of handy is Rug Doctor Odor Eliminator. Cost about $5 and makes two gallons of cleaner which I have in a garden sprayer. Keep at it, you may not win the war, but you may have a cease fire in the future.

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