• Strengthening its bond with its allies in the middle east (ie Israel and Saudi Arabia).
  • Ike's Plan to send $ and supplies over there- the first country to benefut by Ike's Plan was Lebanon.
  • Sending John Rambo to totally mess up the Soviets and help out the mujihadeen. In retrospect, not such a hot idea, I guess.
  • The Red Scare. Basically causing U.S citizens to fear the communist so the U.S itself wont become communist. One of the things that help spark the Cold War was the Presidant of Russia said he wouldn't need to attack other countries that over time the world would convert on its own time. Which is y there was a Red scare
  • Opening numerous fast-food chains in middle east countries. My 2 cents.
  • Basically by supporting Islamic Nationalism and arming these nations against 'The Communist Threat' in an effort to make a front against the spread of communism. Since the USSR crashed and the countries in the union splintered, the threat of communism waned and to our pleasure, the Islamic nations all of a sudden became a threat somehow. Terrorism started to be the next war front and the buffer states against the spread of communism all of a sudden became the battlefield against the new threat of terrorism.

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