• Yes. He keeps telling the same story and meets everyone for the first time again at Shady Pines. I seriously don't know if there is even one left now. WWII vets are falling like autumn leaves right now as well. Here's Darth Belgium Spa headquarter guy acting ribald at a town hall dance during the beer brew haha.
  • I think Winston Roche was the last one in the U.S. that was actually deployed overseas and not "shovelling sh** in Louisiana". There are probably some very old ones in Europe who were 15 or 16 at war's end who might still be kickin'.
  • According to Wikipedia, there were 20 world wide, when the article was last edited. You would have to search each one to find out how many of them are still alive, and it is subject to change at any minute, since they are all in the 100 year old range.
  • I heard a story on the news about a month ago that the second to last US WWI vet passed leaving only 1 (I think at the ago of 104). also there was o couple Canadian WWI vets still hanging on.
  • Here's an article from,25197,23367917-2703,00.html : "WWI veteran's death leaves just nine. March 13, 2008. Now there are just nine living veterans worldwide of the conflict. They are: - Henry Allingham of Britain, aged 111. The only survivor to have served from beginning to end of the conflict, he started in the Royal Navy and then ended in the Air Force, seeing action at the Somme. - Yakup Satar of Turkey, aged 109. Signed up in 1915 for the Ottoman Army, worked with the Germans, notably on gas weapons, and was captured in 1917 in what is now Iraq. - Harry Patch of Britain, 109. Called up in 1917 and saw action in the trenches of the Belgian front, including during the murderous 3rd Battle of Ypres. Injured by a shell in the same year. - Delfino Borroni of Italy, 109. Joined an elite unit in 1917 and notably fought against Austro-Hungarian forces in the Tyrol. - Francesco Chiarello, also of Italy, 109. Called up in 1918 and saw action in his country's final battles of the war. - Frank Buckles, United States, 107. Joined up by lying about his age when his country entered the war in 1917 and served as an ambulance driver in England and France. - John Babcock of Canada, aged 107. Was sent to Britain as a junior soldier with the Canadian Expeditionary Force in 1917, but did not see action because he was too young. - Franz Kuenstler of Germany, aged 107. Joined a Hungarian artillery unit in February 1918, and served in Italy. Only survivor of the Austro-Hungarian forces. - Claude Choules of Britain, aged 106. Joined the Royal Navy in 1916 and served in the North Sea while only a teenager."
  • theres an english man called harry patch who is the last man still alive to fight in the westen front (in the trenches)
  • Actually, as of 11/11/08, there were 3 WWI veterans still alive in the UK. Henry Allingham is 112. Harry Patch is 110, and Bill Stone is 108. Bless his heart, Henry was determined to place his wreath at the Cenataph. All 3 Vets were at the ceremony in wheelchairs. The other 2 let their military escorts place their wreaths. Henry was unable to get out of his chair though he tried mightily. He had himself wheeled to as close to the memorial as possible, and placed the wreath. Way to go Henry!
  • As of May of 2009, there is 1 US WWI veteran still alive. Frank Woodruff Buckles (born in 1901) currently lives in West Virginia.
  • There are less than nine left, according to my sidekick MG1942 here.

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