• Yes, it's rude. I would be more offended than upset though. That is REALLY rude.
  • i think it depends on what you said, but i would take most of people say with a grain of salt
  • no and yes.
  • Naw...some people just have issues. Ignore them. They'll go away and amuse themselves some other way.
  • I would be kind of dissapointed but other wise not really. There are other people getting insulted everyday and they are just be a jerk and having a bad day. Dont worry about it.
  • I don't think it's silly. I think it's human. Just don't let it get to you. Someone that rude is not worth your time:)
  • I personally wouldn't be offended. The internet is the great medium where people can take shots at other people with no repercussions. I would just let is slide off my back. Don't let an idiot mess with your mood, or you will constantly be upset because there are a lot of idiots out there. And clearly they wouldn't have been able to say it to you personally, you are almost a ninja after all.
  • Not really. I just think - "what a jerk" and move on. I figure a comment like that is not worth the energy of a response! Also, other members will see the comment and think the same thing! Don't give it another thought.
  • Nah, I'd be bummed that they tainted my comment thread with their outrageous claim! And nah, it's not silly to be upset by it.
  • no not really,I can click delete if I didn't like the answer.I never let little things bother me like that,There isn't 2 people with the same thought,and everyone has different outlook on life.I may give them a good answer back but I wouldn't let it bother me.
  • AB is supposed to be a happy time. pay no attention to the jerks. I like seeing and answering silly questions just as much as serious questions.
  • No, not silly,...but really sort of wasted emotional energy. I get it all the time. Just thank them for their "opinion" and tell them to kiss you where you can't (wink).
  • Opinions are like a$$holes. Everyone has one, and most of them stink.
  • No, it's perfectly natural to be upset and/offended. That being said, it is best to ignore it and move on! Your answers are valid, they are your opinion, and they are much wanted here on AB! Don't let one bad apple scare you away! I think it's usually another person's insecurity that would drive them to say something hurtful like this. There are also cases when people don't realize that they have been hurtful. They forget that their are real people behind the avatars!
  • Allow me a few lines for this answer. It has happened to me, I was offender and upset. I shut my PC down, went to the garden, did some work there and did not think about it. After a while I contacted someone who was very nice and helpful, that person gave me the clue. I then decided to abandon the question thread and forget about it, it was truly not worth the trouble. It is human to be upset specially when some users try to pick a fight, I am not the kind of person that fights with others and would never allow it. I am quite capable of having strong opinions thus answers but beyond that, no way. I have dearly paid being new on this site, there must always be a price for everything that is how things go, nothing is for free. The difference is that in Y!A I knew how to defend myself and be on a clear spot and here I am still finding out. Regards.

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