• No comment on how or where it is located, but I had a lot of fun getting it *huge grin*
  • I have a scar that looks like vampire fangs. A screw went into my skin when I was a kid.
  • I have a small one on the back of my left hand. I got burnt when a firework I was handling lighted up unexpectedly. Nothing too cool about that, let me tell ya.
  • i have a scar on my arm where the car wash steam wand shot off the skin and cauterized the wound
  • I have one left on my heart by a few women in my life.
  • My cousins and I were playing baseball with a new aluminum bat. I told one of them that he had to swing harder to hit the ball. When he swung he hit me in the forehead. Luckily, I wasn't knocked out but had a HUGE headache.
  • i have two tiny marks on the side of my hand where my cockatial decided to take out her outrage at being held.... that was the first and last time last time i checked her wings.
  • I have a scar on the back of my leg, thats kind of faded out now, from when I was a kid. My grandfather raises chickens, and I was being attacked by a rooster. I took off running and jumped over the fence and the back of my leg scraped deep down the top of it. It wasn't very cool, though..
  • I have a large scar on my right elbow. When I played football in high school, we where lifting weights on a type of swat machine that the metal shop class made. The rack slid up and down on square tubing and had a metal stop. While doing reps I got my elbow caught in the pinch point of the stop and then had to lift the weight back off it. It left an almost perfect circle on my elbow. The doctor cut out the inner part of the circle, stretched the skin together and stitched it up. I went back to playing football before I was supposed to and broke the main tension stitch which caused the wound to gap and it healed as a very wide scar and you can still see the holes where the stitches were.
  • I ran into a lead stake at full speed playing hide-and-go-seek in the dark as a child. I tore it up pretty good and had to go to the ER for stitches. Now it looks like a white square of skin under my right knee.
  • Coolest is the one on the palm of my left hand. A glass bottle shattered in my hand when I was about 5 years old. Most interesting is the 4 inch scar on the right side of my throat. I had an operation last August to remove a tumor that was growing where my tonsils were. They couldn't operate through my mouth, so they had to go through the side of my throat.
  • I only have two scars, and neither are cool or interesting. I have a very small abdominal scar from the C-Section birth of my son, and that is (by far) the most rewarding little scar I could imagine!
  • I have two scars..tiny one's where they punched holes into either side of my abdomen to drain fluid out...Pretty successfully. The first drainage they took out 13 liters of fluid...I felt like I was pregnant before they did it...apparently I was really ill while it was happening..(but I don't remember much).
  • I have several scars... none of them are cool or interesting. These are a few of the most noticeable ones: I have one just below my bottom lip from when I fell off a dresser at the age of 5. I have a scar on my right forearm from when I fell out of a treehouse when I was 10. I have one on my right ankle from stepping on a glass bottle when I was 13. I have another on my right knee from a motorcycle accident when I was 17. I have one on my hip from a car accident about 4 years ago. The most noticeable though is the one I have on my right wrist. I'd rather not say how it happened...
  • The only scars I have are on my heart... lol! can you say cheesmo
  • O.K. P.C. Exactly how old are you? Do you really want to learn about people's operations? Doesn't that start around age 70 or so? "Did I tell you about my operation?" I'll pass, even though I am 70...I don't want to bore people! :)
  • I do not think any of my scars are cool and will keep their positions to myself . Oh I have a small one on my forehead where a trophy I won fell off the shelf and the top fell off hit me in the face and cut my forehead
  • I have a scar that goes from one side of my neck to the other looks like someone tried to cut my throat, but its from haveing my thyroid and serveral fibroid cysit taken out some yrs ago. winter time not to noticeable but come summer people see it more, I just joke about it and say my hubby said I talk to much and tryed to put a stop to a Okie who talks to much LOL
  • I have a scar on my knee that I got when I fell down the porch steps of my grandparent's house and landed on a sharp rock that split my knee open.
  • There's this one my arm, I got it when this purse scraped against my skin or something. (It was the bottom edge of the purse, with some kind of rubber or plastic.) I didn't realize it was bleeding until my mom started freaking out. Yes, purses can do a lot of damage.
  • Coolest one was when my sister's fingernail accidentally cut open my skin when we were fooling around last summer (I was 16). It looks like a knife wound. Here's the entire list lol: I have a brown mark on the back of my left hand from scraping it on a sidewalk when I was 5. The same year I got a scar on my right knee from getting a rock stuck in it. The next year I got lots of chicken pox scars. I have another scar on my right ring finger from a papercut when I was 7. At 11 I fell and scraped my leg on the side of a concrete ledge after trying to run across it (stupid idea), and there's a big faded brown mark from my knee to my ankle. At 12 I stepped on a heavy duty staple in my basement, which gave me two small marks on my right foot. I gouged my right thumb in art class at 14, leaving a thin line. Here's the big one: this year (16). I have 3 scars on my right ankle, 2 from hitting the side of a roller coaster car, and a really recent one from falling off a stage. I have one on my left middle finger from trying to catch a cardboard box being thrown at me. I have one on the back of my right hand from cutting it on a cup holder at work then burning it with fryer oil, and finally, a brown mark on my right forearm where my skin stuck to the side of a very hot metal bin. I think that's it. :P
  • I have a scar on the top of my head (only my hairdresser knows quite where it is) as the result of my Mom whacking me with what she thought was an empty paper bag. Turns out the bag contained an empty juice can, in the days before paper juice boxes. BOOM! I started bleeding all over the place. My Mom carried me under her arm like a football(Iwas 4) into the ER. I got 4 stiches. I like to bring this up every 5 or 6 years, preferably in front of extended family members.
  • I have scar in my right eyebrow, it's not cool, but it is marginally interesting. When I was 6 and my brother was 8 we were home alone (uh-oh)and trying to play baseball. I was pitching and my brother said "move" I moved a bit closer, when he meant away. He was only 8, and just decided to bat anyway. Well all hell broke loose. I wore glasses and had broken glass stuck all around(but not in TG)my eyes.Fortunatly a neighbor was home and I got help right away. The good news was that I got to stay home from school for 4 weeks, didn't lose my eye, and my scar makes it a little easier to pluck my eyebrows
  • I have a 3" long centipede sort of scar on my left thigh. I got it while doing rock climbing with no protective gear or a lifeline for support. That was 40 years ago when I was 15. I still remember how I had to hold on with my fingertips while my flesh was being torn by a razor sharp edge. The Doctors in the nearby hospital just put stitches and closed the wound. I never got a cosmetic surgery done on the scar. It really didn't matter. Even now it is visible when I move around in my shorts.

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