• Fantastic if you like to party. Not so good if you want to deep sea fish.
  • We used to have one, and I loved it! It's like a floating patio! We could entertain, go swimming, and even camp on our boat. Hope you find the one you want!
  • Great choice uncle Billy. you already know my views but just so you don't forget it is a perfect boat to fish from which i know you enjoy.
  • It shouldn't matter what my or anyone else's view on the aesthetics are. What matters is if that particular design will suit your needs. If you're thinking " hmmm...water skiing or tubing", then no, a pontoon boat won't fill those needs.They aren't known to be bullets on water. If you're thinking "fishing or entertaining on relatively calm water", then a pontoon boat is right up your alley with it's generally shallow draft and wide, stable beam.
  • Now that depends on what type of boat it is. What is a pontoon boat?

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