• I seen a poll on this the other day and majority said 3 days. But hell girl, if you like him call him, you only live once.
  • ahhh, that's cute. how long has it been since you two went out? Usually after a first date that went well you should hear back from him within a few days
  • Wait a few days, and call him, ask him if he would like to go get coffee, etc. Playing, Hard to get, is just that, playing. Do you want a serious relationship?
  • If you can afford it, you should do a background check on the guy. once you get it, read it and burn it. How has he managed to stay single so long? The guy must be an experience flirter to get your attention. If he is serious, you should know who he is. Fathers do it to protect their daughters. You need to do it to protect yourself.
  • 4 hours is really not that far away. and i have to disagree with jack, the age really isnt that much of a difference.
  • i would just call him, he wouldnt have given you his number if he didnt want you to call

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