• First of all remove any products with oil in them from your skin care regiment. Use a gentle buff puff with a gentle oil control foaming face wash to help clean out blackheads at least once a day, not more than twice a day, do not use rough scrubbing, gentle is better, over scrubbing or cleaning with harsh cleansers, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide either. Pat dry and apply a thin layer of oil free moisturizer. Many don't know this but the skin, eapecially sensitive or acne prone skin will become dry when over cleansed or strippe dof all natural oils and then the oil glands will autmatically compensate for the dryness caused by harsh cleansers and scrubbing many times a day by producing even more excess oil to protect its self, there by creating a domino effect of doing more harm than good. By over cleaning or stripping the natural oils you will become even more oily and have more blackheads, breakouts and may even become red and blotchy. Any skin, even acne prone oily skin should be hydrated well, not oily. Here is a home treatment regiment that works for most, You..Cleanse as instructed above, only twice daily with a good cleanser like neutrogena foamong facial cleanser with salasylic acid or for sensitive skin, Johnson & Johnson PURPOSE Cleanser, Cetophyl Phisoderm or even some of the new mouse cleansers they feel great! Then pat the skin dry and use your hypo-alergenic oil free moisturizer such as Johnson & Johnson Facial Moisturizer. Once a week use a mask of A&D ointment, it can be found in the section for baby diaper rash (this is not a joke). Use the white formula not the greasy yellow one that looks like vasaline. Cover face, not eye lids, with a thin layer and leave on for an hour and gently remove with warm watter and a clean soft cloth, it has vitamins and an antibacterial in it, pat dry and add your moisturiser. You can also spot treat individual pimples by adding a dab of your A&D cream as they pop up and leave on till you go to bed. If its dry enough you can wash it off in the morning too. DO NOT PICK! you will spread the acne and infect the pimple even more, you could also cause a scar! For dark spots (hyperpigmantation)use a lactic acid peel on dirty skin, brush on with a fan brush or quickly with a cotton ball, set a timer for 3 minutes and neutralize by repeatedly rinsing the skin with cool water from your hands, not a cloth, pat dry and if any areas still sting dab on a little moisturizer on those areas or rinse some more till the stinging stops. If this is too hard buy a self timed peel, it will stop working on its own in 3 to 5 minutes. do this weekly for 6 weeks, take a break for 3 weeks and start again. You can increase the time to 5 minutes for any furthrt peels if you can handle it or lrsvr st 3 minutes. Any time you use an acid peel DO NOT allow the peeled area to be in direct sun exposure. The peel is going to remove dead cells and even top skin layers revealing new beautiful baby skin cells that have never been directly exposed to the sun (remember tanning beds are a no no, if you must please cover your face with a towel). Acid peels will gradually reduce your dark spots though for a few days after a peel they will appear darker, this is judt the affected areas getting ready to lift and fall off. Never forceably remove shedding skin, if you have peeling skin that bothers you gently cut it away with CLEAN cuticle scisors or paste it down with moisturizer. These are the old tough skin cells that used to be on the surface, but newly revealed baby cells have never exposed directly to the suns harshness, UVA/UVB rays and will burn easily and cause premature aging allso they will burn easier than what you are used to in the sun. So please, no direct exposure to the sun (or tanning beds for 24 hours and then onlly go in the sun with Sun Screen of SPF 30 or higher.My clients like water babies Sunscreen because it is not oily, smells good from natural ingredients, is hypoallergenic and waterproof. Still if you are out at a pool or the beach re apply every hour and after swimming or toweling off. DO NO USE PEELS WITH HYDROQUINONE this is a commonly used ingredient for lightening dark spots and it works to significantly lighten sppots after many treatments but if your hyperpigmantation returns it will be darker than before. Many companies have removed Hydroquinone from their products becuase of the finding that it can actually make the problem worse. You can also have a professional laser treatment or a single professional chemical peel that requires a week of down time If you do one of these believe me you will wannt to hide). You can achieve the same results with at home weekly 30% or 40% Alpha Hydroxy or Lactic Acid solutionor gel peel. I recommend starting with a 30 Percent peel which can be purchased at your local health food store or on line (be very careful buying ob line, you have no way ti know what you are getting). Please don't use 50% or higher solution unless you are a professional who knows the risks. FYI, some dark spots are caused by hormones like those produced during pregnancy and menapause and these will go away on their own after the hormones are balanced. They will fade away slowly till, gone within a year usually. New pregnancy will bring new spots, but again be patient, they too will dissapear in about a year. These are best left alone or covered with makeup because they are temporary.One last thought..For daily oil control use oil blotting tissue, they are expensive but I have found less expensive glasses cleaner tissue works just as well and costs a lot less. They look like tiny kleenex and feel like sheets of tissue paper, the likd you line gift bags with and come in a small dispenser pack about as big as a credit card. Great for on the go, you will be less tempted to scrub unnecessarily. Keep them in your purse or guys in you wallet. Have a beautiful day, Jo ..Paramedical Aestitician
  • Lets address skin tighteing, There is a series of facial excercises you can do. Go to your local library to see them. The best way in this modern world of medical miracles to tighten the skin is with 3 modalities that require the purchase of machines. You can pay a bunch and I mean a bunch of money for a series of treatments at a Dermatologists or Plastic Surgeons office or you can purchase a handy device We sell for home use that does the same thing in the privacy of your own home. The treatments feel good and are safe and effective. You do them 3 times a week. Its an approved device with 3 modalities (Ultrasound, Light Therapy and Tens)everything you need to firm and tighten the skin. The unit also treats acne and forces vitamin serums deep into the skin for results hundreds of times faster than any other treatments you can do at home. They are as effective as Clinicaly applied treatments using the same modalities. You don't have to have all 3 modalities but for all the problems you have it would be best to spend a few extra dollars to get them all in one small portable hand held 3 in 1 unit. This is the very same unit I sell to my clients and take with me to do emergency work for Doctors at other offices. You won't be dissapoined! Jo Paramedical Aestitician
  • The home remedy solution I've found actually works is first, wetting your face with a hot towel. Then, with the hot towel all sudsy, *gently (very gently) scrub your face in a circular motion. Last, rinse the towel with cool water and apply to your steaming face and open cleaned pores. As a result, the cold water will quickly close your pores giving you a tight face feeling. * You must gently scrub to avoid scabbing your face. Not following this instruction may result in minor bleeds from zitz and blackhead sites.
  • Keep your face clean, but WITHOUT chemicals. All those things in "Clean N Clear" that you can't pronounce actually HARM your skin more than help it. You DEFINITELY don't want to strip your skin of its natural oils and throw off the moisture balance. This leads to the hell of "Combination" skin - too oily, and STILL dry and peeling. Ounce of prevention: Wash your face twice a day with a mild soap (Ivory and Irish Spring work well for me - Dove is the WORST) and splash your face with clean, clear water every time you get a chance. I do so every time I wash my hands. You know that oil floats on water, right? That's why plain water works. To rid yourself of the blackheads you already have, I suggest using drugstore-quality witch hazel as an astringent. After washing your face, wet a cotton ball and rub it on your face. Ta-da! Sure, it isn't instant, but nothing good or correct in this life is. As far as the "black spots"... I don't know anything about those, unless a pen exploded in your face. I would discuss them with a licensed dermatologist. And, also, Anonymous apparently has tips for skin tightening. ^_^ Good luck hon!
  • Use a face scrub for a start and an alcohol based cleanser. Blackheads are mostly down to not keeping the skin clean enough.
  • Cleanse your face then steam your face over a hot bowl of water with a towel over your head, apply a moisturizer to finish. then your good to go.
  • Wash your face with 'Tea Tree' soap everyday religiously.

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