• here are some interesting stuff about left handers go to this
  • Good question, I've always wondered myself. So I decided to look it up! Below are some facts that I've found. -more men than women are lefties. -Many think that Lefties have an advantage in fist fighting. -left handed stroke victims recover faster than right handed stroke victims -10% of the human population is left handed. -some theorize that lefties are more likely to be creative geniuses (many geniuses throughout history were lefties Leonardo Da Vinci, Bobby Fisher a chess genius, wynton Marselis) -"Southpaw" describes lefties particularly in US sports -Left-handers were severely discriminated against during the 18th and 19th centuries and it was often "beaten out" of people -In adulthood, left-handers were often shunned by society, resulting in fewer marrying and reproducing -As discrimination was reduced in the 20th century, the number of natural left-handers who stayed left-handed increased -The rising age of motherhood contributed as, statistically, older mothers are more likely to give birth to left-handed children Hope these were interesting. Definitely check out these sites. there are some VERy interesting articles:
  • they smudge the writing on paper when they write with a pencil(i do)...involontarily; of course
  • Apparently, left handers used to be twins, but one of the twins vanished so early in the pregnancy, it was never detected. How anyone could find this out, I have no idea, but I heard it somewhere from years ago! Dunno if it is true though
  • Sorry but I'm sure I read that lefthanded people die on average 5 years younger than right handers. And they are more likely to become political dictators than us lot. On the plus side, when fencing, novice right handers are at a disadvantage when fencing a left hander because all the basic defence moves they have learnt have been practised on RHers and so often they find it harder. I know I did.
  • Left handed men have larger penises than right handed men.
  • I lived with one for 7 years...we had a hard time eating a meal sitting beside each other if he was on my right....
  • Lefties die seven years earlier than right-handed people.
  • davoomac had a great answer! One old saying is that since right handed people favor using the left side of the brain and lefties use the right side of the brain, lefties are the only ones in their right minds. Corny I know.
  • I know about the left handed thing ( disapperaring twin syndrome) because of a dvd that I watched called Multiples in the Womb by National Geographic.. It is great. This is a must see.. I own it but you can get it at a library in the educational dvds.Amber Hansen
  • 2500 lefties a year die from using right-handed products apparently. Not sure it is true, but firing an SA80 with your left hand will result in a stream of hot cartridge cases tearing through your cheek...
  • I've been looking this up for the past night and today and I've found more and more that lefties at one point in time had a twin, it's called disappearing twin syndrome and it has also been thought that left handed people are more likely to become lonely easily because of losing their twin.
  • Leonardo da Vinci was left handed. It's believed he wrote right-to-left mainly for the practical reason of avoiding smearing his ink.
  • they use their left hand
  • I have been looking this up for a night now and I've found more and more that left handed people were at one point in time twins, this is called disappearing twin syndrome and it is the reason many think that left handed people are more likely to become lonely because they don't have that twin anymore which I completely understand because i love everyone and anyone and I'm often a very friendly person but I'm always lonely, there's a very select few of people (two to be exact) my mother and my friend that I don't feel lonely but I feel like there is a certain piece of me that I have back and I dread leaving their side when I'm with them because I know that loneliness will continue once their gone. So I very much can understand how you feel and what its all about.
  • They masturbate with their left hand.
  • Special cups and mugs have to be manufactured with the handle on the left hand side.
  • A study was once done, and it was found that the country with the least amount of violent crime, war etc. had around 4% of the population left-handed, and the most violent country had around 27% of the poulation left-handed. 10% is the usual. 5 of the last 7 US presidents have been left-handed, and if McCain had won this would still have been the case.
  • cutting with right handed scissors hurts. Left handed people were thought to be evil cos of the devil an stuff. left handers are more likely to kill their twin before it developes us murderers
  • Left handed people wipe and shake hands with their left hand. *blink* They masturbate and shake hands with their left hand *blonk* And finally, they saw up the dead bodies and melt the parts in acid, ...and shake your hand...with their left hand. *blunk*
  • They sometimes suffer injuries using tools designed for right handers.

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