• Anyone as long as they are willing to be a true friend who will not stab your back.
  • the honest loyal open minded and moral kind =) because i like to surround myself with people with good hearts
  • honest ,warm ,kind :-)
  • Usually those I meet through my circle of friends, these are people I have known for over 45 years. Now that I am living abroad I have have made a few new friends, I am a natural loner so friends are not that important to me. Regards
  • I get alone witth shy people more.
  • Truthfully, i don't have any friends. However, I make friends easily when they want to have sex with me. Therefore, the kinds of people I make friends with are 'sexy' people.
  • look at my friends list. its very diverse. or go to a nursing home. they can't fight against you. you can just sit there all day and talk to them. make sure you take the batteries out of their remote control though, can't have security ruining the fun now can we?
  • I like having a variety of friends, prefer honest & independent ones
  • hmmmm usually people that I end up not being friends with, if that makes any sense at all. I'm friends with laid-back, very intelligent people, and the friendship has a good, intense run for approx. 4 years, then it grinds to a halt and we go separate ways.
  • People with genuine Quality
  • most everyone! I am a nice person and I get along with everyone!
  • I have friends from all walks of life and from many professions but they all have a common thread they are all top people!
  • the strange,friendly,one-off - kind :) i like people that are different :D
  • My best mate at the moment is one taht i used to think i'll never talk to. but look at us now :) i make friends with the strange one-offs who can have to have a laugh one night, and do it again 5 minutes later and it will still be funny :).
  • Shy people, because I am shy. I Hate being shy, It feels like I have no friends.
  • Kind, considerate, sincere people. That's the most important criteria for me. Intelligence, monetary wealth, status, even sociability do not matter to me. I'd rather be friends with a kind poor person or a kind below average intelligent person than a phony, unfeeling rich person or a phony, unfeeling smart person. And if someone came up to me and was really sociable and friendly-like, but did not display one iota of kindness and sincerity, forget that too.
  • Intelligent, kind people whom I find interesting and enjoy their ideas and find their company stimulating.
  • Fun, honest and respectful people
  • People that generate a positive attitude, smile and laugh often, are respectul, treat other's with kindness and are non-judgmental.
  • Intelligent people who have an open mind and willing to serve others
  • I am a floater when it comes to friends...never really staying with any for too long....I have a few from the past that I can really count on but we don't see each other hardly at all...I am very social out and very private in....
  • for some reason alcoholics
  • People who wear bobble hats, people who smell of wood smoke.. that's pretty much it :)

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